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Earth Day Career Special: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender

Today we're celebrating two triumphs. One, of course, is Earth Day's 40th anniversary. And to commemorate the day, here is the final chapter of the lineup we prepared leading to today. To refresh, last week, I discussed why this year Earth Day is important for your career beyond just recycling.

And I left you with a thought: This year, as we go about our day on April 22, 2010, think about two key game changers, which will soon envelope our lives. 1) That...

Volcanoes, Business, and Sustainability

Funny thing about the planet - we often forget that it is much bigger than we are and often has a mind of its own. Take, for example, the chaos being created by the volcanic ash cloud over Europe this week.

The recent eruptions of Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull volcano are disrupting business systems on a global scale. We have been reminded once again of nature's brute force and primordial beauty. The continuing volcanic ash cloud is having holistic and systematic repercussions.  Starting with air travel disruption, the impact is now ricocheting across international business and global supply chains.

"BMW in Germany and Nissan and Japan have both temporarily shut down plants due to supply chain disruption. . . Kenya, which exports 1,000 tons a day of fresh goods, threw away 10 million flowers, mostly roses, since the eruption began April 14 . . . One Boeing 747 with 110 tons of fish destined for Europe sat on the tarmac in the Middle East, among some 2,000 tons of other disrupted shipments." Associated Press

What will happen if the volcano repeats it's last (1821) eruption cycle of on-and-off spewing of ash for 13 months?
What impact will it have on the long-term viability and sustainability of companies in the region and around the world?

CSR and the Coming Talent Wars

Why do talented employees leave companies, often despite good salaries??

I keep hearing this question uttered by talent agents to news casters.  They are saying this because, despite the ugly job market, people are jumping ship.

Beyond the typical reasons of bad management, poor working environment, and lack of stimulus – I would say that the top talent are fundamentally looking for something else.

  • Engagement
  • Purpose
  • Meaning
  • Challenge
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration

They leave because of a lack of one, or...

HealthRight International: Building Sustainable Solutions That Appeal To Business Investors

Today's philanthropists struggle to balance crisis contributions with investments in longer term, lasting solutions.  HealthRight International exemplifies a nonprofit that leverages relatively small resources for a significant and sustainable impact in underserved communities around the world. And business investors love it.

Founded in 1990 by the late...

A Salary Cap for the Non-Profit Sector

Within the community investment community there’s still too much thinking about the money that goes in and not enough about what’s coming out the other end in terms of social capital.  In Canada, a good illustration is the recent debate about salaries for executives in non-profit organizations.

In today’s issue of Charity Village’s Village Vibes weekly e-newsletter there’s an excellent piece by Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf about...

Do You Need a Corporate Responsibility Expert?

If you do, don’t bother calling me. Unfortunately, I’m just a beginner and wouldn’t be much use to a company that needs someone who really knows what they’re talking about. The good news for you, however, is that there now an extraordinary number of corporate responsibility experts, authorities, advisors, and consultants.

Your Board. Your Story.

Most of the time when we meet someone, socially or professionally, one of the first questions that comes up is "What do you do, and where do you work?" The response to that question often defines us. I thought about that when I read "BRAND OR DIE," Nick Nanton's and JW Dicks' great new blogpost.

So what if the next time you meet someone, you could tell them something more than what you do for a living. What if you could tell them where you serve on a...

Class of 2010—Show me an offer or show me your values?

Millennials have been touted as a distinct generation who have high-expectations of their future employers.  Significant research has been conducted regarding the need for companies to adjust traditional management styles and corporate policies to better align with the needs and desires of this new generation of employees.

In September of 2008, PricewaterhouseCoopers interviewed graduates from 44 countries as part of its global “Millennials


Employee Engagement Rethought

The post I wrote on Sunday about the institutionalization of corporate responsibility and the need for more innovation seems to have struck a chord. It’s also made me think more about how specific aspect of corporate responsibility have become ubiquitous and, as a result, may have lost a degree of meaning and impact.

 Employee engagement is a good example. One the one hand, this area is one of the first elements of corporate responsibility to have a been documented as a business driver and direct contributor to key business metrics including recruitment, retention, productivity,...

Book Review: In a Changing Corporate Consciousness, Are You A Willing Outlier?

I have to be honest. I don't read self-help books. And the reasoning is simple: they all tout the same advice differently. However, when I heard about Jeffrey Hollender's latest book (co-authored with Bill Breen, co-founder of Fast Company and editorial director at Seventh Generation), I was more than a little curious. The title The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win didn't sermonize and instead, conveyed the conviction of the authors on the future of business, sounding almost too smug to me. This absolute confidence made me want...