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The Three C’s of Sustainability Communications

Although business sustainability is not new, grasping sustainability concepts and its practical applications to a specific business is new to some business leaders.  It is not uncommon within our business sustainability consulting practice to be questioned for specific examples as to the value of business sustainability.  Pointing to industry leaders and leading companies is the easiest way to capture the attention of skeptical business owners. 

Fortunately, with the recent release of ...

The Value of the Test

There was an interesting post by Michael I. Norton and Jill Avery, Making Charity Pay, in the Harvard Business Review.  Certainly worth a read. What really started me thinking was the first sentence in the last paragraph, “Third, conduct careful experiments.”

Cause Marketing is on the rise and I would say rightly so.  In addition to being a source of revenue for the partner NGO, studies, such as the...

Patagonia’s CEO, marching for climate action

Recently, I had lunch with Mary Wenzel, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo who directs the bank’s environmental projects. The bank’s efforts are laudable–it intends to provide $30 billion of financing by 2020 to business opportunities that protect the environment, it’s making its offices more efficient, it’s a big-time supporter of a nonprofit called Grid


How Social Media Transforms Sustainability Messages from Logic to Heartfelt Connections

Many people are confused as to what sustainability means and how it applies to business.  To some, they hear sustainability and it means renewable energy to them.  To others it may mean organic farming practices; however, to another person, sustainability  might mean energy efficiency or responsible purchasing in a supply chain.

Social media engagement offers the opportunity to define and...

Is Social Good Overtaking Cats?

For the first time in quite a while I’ve noticed a distinct lack of cute / comedy cat posts (albeit somewhat distorted by buckets of ice water) and a stronger impression of more purpose based flashes in the social media world.

My gut, if backed up by more than a little professional insight into the data, feeling is that we may at long last be turning a social good communications corner. The activist world had too long preached at its audience to save the whale / panda / water / energy / planet to only see early plateauing of resulting engagement. Those...

The Inversion Equation: Chronic versus Episodic Disasters

Should corporate executives consider broadening their response to the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa? If so, when? Wait. Before you answer these questions, here are some thoughts you may want to consider before making a decision. 
Chronic and episodic humanitarian disasters are approached differently, yet the scope and long term affects can be far greater with the former. A chronic humanitarian situation is a protracted crisis where conditions which persist over a period of time lead to ongoing suffering. An episodic crisis happens within a defined shorter period. As a frame...

Social Media IS Professional Development

Communications has a bad rap. Long (and wrongly) suffering a “soft skill” or lower priority taint, it – at the same time – is considered a key leadership strength. What? The disconnect has harmed the practice, and even seeing it as a “practice” or separate role has harmed the integration of communication into EVERYONE’s job.  Not to discount at all the importance of deeply trained marketing and communications professionals, but the power of their work is only further enhanced by more corporate leaders who can authentically (and comfortably) contribute...

A Smarter Approach to Biofuels

The US biofuels industry has not covered itself in glory. It has consumed billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars, as much if not more from investors and in return delivered economic and environmental benefits that are murky at best, at least according to its critics.

You’ll hear a different story ...

How can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lead to value creation for your company?

Corporate executives struggle with this question, and rightly so.  This question requires quantitative analysis of the degree to which social and environmental actions taken by a company improves measurable factors that positively benefit the enterprise.

There are countless qualitative examples of the positive role CSR...

The End of Garbage

In nature, nothing goes to waste. The excrement of one species (forgive me if you are reading over breakfast) becomes food for another.

Why can’t we design the industrial economy to be like nature?

This isn’t a new idea. During the American Revolution, iron pots were melted down to make armaments. I take notes with a pen made out of recycled bottles. The gospel of “natural capitalism” or “cradle to cradle” has been spread by  such pioneering...