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People, Planet, Profit — Putting People First

So, what does putting people first really mean? 

Many companies have mission statements hanging on the wall espousing values that put people first, but if you ask the staff, those values often are not manifesting in the company culture.

Three Often Ignored Factors in CSR – Are you doing all Three?

Corporate Social Responsibility begins with self-responsibility. If not, social responsibility can’t sustain. When we aren’t self-responsible, we drain personal energy needed to power our social mission. We punch a hole in our energy bucket, limiting our effectiveness. Social responsibility is not an entity that survives with people feeding it only when they have energy to do so. It is an expression of who we are, individually and collectively. There is a consciousness shift going on, and part of the shift is realizing that the end cannot justify the means.

No Margin, No Mission

How many times have we seen idealistic CEOs put their social mission before their bottom line and go out of business? Too often. There seems to be, for some, a dichotomy between serving others and implementing bottom-line business practices that can fund that service.

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