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‘Copycat’ Doesn’t Have to Precede ‘Crime;’ Huffington Post Executive Editor to Discuss News Outlet’s Focus Sept. 7 in Free 3BL Media Webinar

Ariana Huffington pledged in early 2015 to dedicate more editorial space to positive stories on her namesake news site, hoping stories about solutions rather than problems would inspire copycat acts of kindness.

Now that entrepreneurial media mogul is stepping down from her post, news industry observers are keen to see how the highly trafficked portal will evolve in a post-Arianna regime.

We will be providing some insights into the editorial direction of the Huffington Post on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at noon ET when Jo Confino, executive editor, Impact & Innovation and...

Top Four Reasons to Attend a CSR or Sustainability Conference This Fall

Professional development events exist for just about every career, and they’ve been around since Thomas Edison held his first, “How to Change a Light Bulb” seminar for aspiring electricians (attendees earned 10 CEU credits and went home with some nice tsotchkes).

For the growing number of corporate and nonprofit professionals focused on social impact and sustainability initiatives, there is more choice in fall 2016 than ever before for events aimed at showcasing successful programs and the brands that made them happen. 

Getting approval from corporate controllers for...

Sustainability ‘Pioneers’ Honored for Backing SDGs

The mechanics of corporate disclosure were a big part of my two decades on the management team of a commercial newswire service. 

As the biggest distributor of earnings releases and other time-sensitive data, our team worked with CFOs, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications to quench an insatiable thirst from stakeholders for market-moving financial information.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re seeing thousands of companies providing varying levels of voluntary sustainability reporting and healthy respect for the handful of stock changes that are starting to mandate...

Nasdaq President Addresses Sustainability Reporting

The president of Nasdaq Inc. served as a different kind of market maker at a gathering of the Sustainerati this week.

Adena Friedman was celebrated at the United National Global Compact’s Leadership Summit as a role model for those just beginning their careers in sustainability and social impact work. Starting as an intern as she finished business school in 1993, she is now widely seen as the apparent heir to Nasdaq CEO Bob Greifeld, when he retires.

Friedman was also...

CEOs Urged to Talk ESG, Though Wall Street Wants EPS

CEOs need to ramp up communications about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues even when Wall Street is more concerned with short-term financial performance like earnings per share (EPS), according to a new report from the Conference Board.

While acknowledging that reporting about sustainability is at an all-time high, the failure of the investment community to engage can be remedied if CEOs take the lead, maintains Thomas Singer, principal researcher in corporate leadership at the Conference Board.

“In addition to incorporating sustainability into annual...

Innovation within Corporate Shared Value

Traditional corporate philanthropy’s methodology of simply giving funds to worthy causes is increasingly seen as unsustainable and fading into the past. Companies are now moving beyond their bottom lines to make a measurable difference in their communities by connecting CSR efforts with their core mission, products and branding shared value.

During the Social Innovation Summit in Washington this week, Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart’s CSO and president of the Walmart Foundation, called for companies to play a new role as problem-solvers and innovators. She cited the company’s...

Strategy Alert: Pros Focus on a Cause, Follow Trends to Maximize Impact

Staying ahead of the curve and in the know isn’t optional for world-class marketers.  It’s the reason brain trusts like the Cause Marketing Forum fill massive hotel ball rooms with corporate CMOs, nonprofits and communicators eager to create the next movement that awes consumers and changes the world for the better.

In the traditional realm of social responsibility, few brands connect business with social impact better than JetBlue.

“Inspiring humanity goes a long way. Whether it’s donations or volunteer hours, we strive to make sure it all counts,” Mike Elliott, JetBlue’s...

Brand Support for Sustainable Development Goals is Rising, Reveals 3BL Media Study

The United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) have sparked corporate and nonprofit communications activities that are growing each month, according to an analysis we’ve just conducted here at 3BL Media.

Brands have created 30 percent more digital content mentioning the SDGs or Global Goals so far in the second quarter of 2016 than the prior quarter. Consumer, pharmaceuticals and financial services were among the sectors referencing the SDGS more often.

The Global Goals were masterfully launched in September 2015 with great fanfare that included leaders of state,...

Cause Marketing Done Right: Bridging the Gap Between CSR & Brand-Building

Mining for the next big idea is constantly underway in marketing departments across the world. In today’s content marketing world, the next killer concept has to be better than a catchy slogan and a viral video.

As corporate social responsibility and cause-awareness continue to grow within the marketing world, some brands struggle to bring together the product and the cause seamlessly, according to brand and non-profit experts gathering at the annual Cause Marketing...

Corporate America honors fallen soldiers, supports veterans

On this Memorial Day, we salute the men and women whose lives were lost while serving in the U.S. armed forced.

To the fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, partners, children, grandchildren and friends whose loved one did not come home from military service, please accept our condolences for your loss and our gratitude for your loved ones' sacrifice.

Memorial Day should not be confused with Veterans Day, celebrated in November.

Yet it is hard not to draw contrasts between those who died on the battlefield and those who returned home with scars, both mental and physical...