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Karla Santiago is the Marketing & Public Relations Specialist at 3BL Media. In her role, Karla works on media relations and marketing efforts to raise brand awareness, reach future clients and develop new partnerships. Karla holds a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico in Public Relations & Advertising and an M.S. from Syracuse University in Public Relations. After a few years of working in the agency field in Puerto Rico, Karla relocated to Western Massachusetts and began working with a local media outlet before joining the 3BL Media team. She has transitioned from island life to New England life and is enjoying the changing weather with her husband and kitten Wendy. When she's not searching for new recipes online, she can be found in the kitchen baking, on the road exploring or doing arts and crafts.

Strategy Alert: Pros Focus on a Cause, Follow Trends to Maximize Impact

Staying ahead of the curve and in the know isn’t optional for world-class marketers.  It’s the reason brain trusts like the Cause Marketing Forum fill massive hotel ball rooms with corporate CMOs, nonprofits and communicators eager to create the next movement that awes consumers and changes the world for the better.

In the traditional realm of social responsibility, few brands connect business with social impact better than JetBlue.

“Inspiring humanity goes a long way. Whether it’s donations or volunteer hours, we strive to make sure it all counts,” Mike Elliott, JetBlue’s...

Cause Marketing Done Right: Bridging the Gap Between CSR & Brand-Building

Mining for the next big idea is constantly underway in marketing departments across the world. In today’s content marketing world, the next killer concept has to be better than a catchy slogan and a viral video.

As corporate social responsibility and cause-awareness continue to grow within the marketing world, some brands struggle to bring together the product and the cause seamlessly, according to brand and non-profit experts gathering at the annual Cause Marketing...

Turning Corporate Goals into a Movement: Impact 2030 Gains Momentum

With the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in place, the call to action is to harness the collective action of the public and private sector to fully realize this potential.

Few groups are as well positioned to get busy on meaningful social projects than a consortium of big multinational corporations dubbed Impact 2030.  The nonprofit, which formed in 2014 in anticipation of the SDGs, strives to put company-sponsored volunteering front and center.

“When our employees share their skills, there is a far reaching...

Celebrating CSR at the 2015 CSR-Nonprofit PR Awards

3BL Media joined the celebration of the most successful CSR initiatives at the PR News 2015 CSR-Nonprofit PR Awards. The event, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on March 12, 2015, highlighted brands and agencies that reached incredible goals and demonstrated an understanding of the power corporate social responsibility holds, as well as the year’s top

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