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See the latest new partnerships and announcements for CSRHub, the world’s most comprehensive CSR metrics database and analysis tools.
Periodically, CSRHub publishes new research regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Most of the research is conducted by CSRHub Co-fouder and CEO, Bahar Gidwani and many times, in collaboration with industry leading partners.
Does a company that invests in sustainability increase its brand value? What parts of sustainability performance seem to drive brand? This is the first of five posts about a new, broad, multi-year study that shows that the connection between sustainability performance and brand value has increased...
This is the sixth major update we’ve made to our site since we first went live in late 2010. We also update our data monthly. Our data extends back to December of 2008, so we will soon have seven full years of monthly data available to subscribers.View the CSRHub Dashboard   
The following post is part of a CSRHub series focusing on 10 trends that are driving corporate transparency and disclosure in the coming year. To follow the discussion of each trend, watch for posts on the CSRHub blog every Wednesday.


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