Children International

Children International is a child-focused humanitarian organization.

Children International



Children International teaches youth the skills they need to stay safe and healthy, complete school and job training, find gainful employment and become self-reliant, contributing members of society.
Children International delivers programs that help girls stay healthier, become educated, avoid early marriage and pregnancy, and pursue the lives they choose to lead.
Children International’s Community Literacy Program promotes the love of reading, a culture of literacy and the acquisition of knowledge among children, youth and adults by providing quality books, reference materials and other educational items for classrooms and libraries through our...
Children International believes that healthy children have a better chance at overcoming poverty and leading happier, more successful lives.
Children International works in 20 countries around the world. These articles tell the stories of sponsored and non-sponsored children, their families, volunteers, and Children International staff who are working to make positive changes in their lives and in the lives of those around them.


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