Children International

Children International is a child-focused humanitarian organization.

Children International



Children International believes that healthy children have a better chance at overcoming poverty and leading happier, more successful lives.
Lack of clean water and poor hygiene and sanitation can cause illness and even death. For the sake of its sponsored children and the communities where they live, Children International participates in a number of wide-ranging water, sanitation and hygiene projects.
Children International delivers programs that help girls stay healthier, become educated, avoid early marriage and pregnancy, and pursue the lives they choose to lead.
Local volunteers who live in and are part of the impoverished communities Children International serves dedicate their time and energy to enhancing the lives of children. Children International's Inspire Award was designed to celebrate their outstanding contributions.
In communities where we operate, our local field staff are among the first to provide aid during natural disasters and other emergencies, assisting families with food, water, medicine, clothing and housing support.


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