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CECP’s Board of Boards, a Forbes-named top three “power player” event for CEOs, is a half-day, closed-door networking discussion, limited to 50 leading global CEOs. A benefit of being a CECP CEO, the event provides the opportunity for peers to discuss purpose-driven solutions to...
Excellence Awards winners are added to a distinguished roster of companies that take part in an ongoing awareness building effort on their behalf by CECP. The storytelling that emerges from the awards brings corporate societal engagement to life, and the awards process allows companies to...
2014 Giving Around the Globe report
Each year through its Giving in Numbers survey, CECP collects and reports data on numerous aspects of corporate giving programs internationally. Launched in 2001, the repository now features more than $250 billion in corporate giving data. The Giving in Numbers series includes: Giving in Numbers...
CECP celebrates new CEOs and companies affiliated with CECP throughout the year.


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