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Ecolab is committed to reporting annually on our own sustainability progress but also on the even greater positive impact we make by working with our customers, providing technology and expertise to help them achieve their sustainability goals.
Microorganisms come in varying shapes and sizes, from very small virus particles to larger yeasts and molds. Many can be beneficial, but some can spoil food, taint water systems and contaminate equipment resulting in inefficiencies.Pathogens present a more serious microbial risk since they are...
WATER RISK MONETIZER PROVIDES NEW DATA FOR BUSINESSES TO FACTOR WATER RISKS INTO CRITICAL BUSINESS DECISIONSThe Water Risk Monetizer is industry’s first financial modeling tool that enables businesses to factor water into decisions that support business growth and help ensure the availability...
Solutions for Life enhances our mission to conserve water and improve hygiene around the world through collaborations with NGOs (non-governmental organizations), global philanthropy and employee volunteerism. Through Solutions for Life, we are extending our expertise through out support of NGOs and...
Ecolab's 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report report profiles Ecolab’s commitment to sustainability, highlighting examples of how we partner with customers, NGOs and communities to help address some of the world’s most complex resource and business challenges.   


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