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Through Photovoice, a research-based method of photographic storytelling, PCI-Media Impact is empowering survivors of gender-based sexual violence in Liberia.
Mucho Corazón (A Lot of Heart), a new Entertainment-Education television drama, captured the hearts of viewers across Chiapas, Mexico during its debut on Wednesday, January 25th. The drama, the result of an exciting partnership between the State Government of Chiapas and PCI-Media Impact (...
Change is in the airwaves for communities of coastal Ghana. Biribireba, a new radio soap opera promoting sustainable development, premiered to 2.5 million people today in six districts of the Western Region of Ghana. Like all dramas, Biribireba is filled with intrigue, corruption,...
Launched in January 2010, My Island – My Community is an ambitious new partnership program committed to building public awareness across the Eastern Caribbean to encourage wide spread behavior change with regard to small island community preparedness and adaptation to climate change. It...
  Corazon de Mujer narrates the story of three generations of women as they seek to change the reality of their circumstances.  The storyline touches on the fibers of the audiences’ daily life and brings listeners close to the daily struggles of Chiapas women. Complementary...



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