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CSR International Research Digest – December 2012

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CSR International Research Digest – December 2012

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 8:30am

Table of Contents for CSR Research Digest – December 2012

1. Integrated Reporting: Driving Value

Ernst & Young’s recent report outlines four initial steps that companies should take to implement integrated reporting. Read more

2. Striving for Legitimacy through Corporate Social Responsibility: Insights from Oil Companies

Adopting a case study methodology, this research examines the characteristics of CSR strategies and CSR communication tactics of six oil companies. Read more

3. 2012 International Green Awards

The International Green Awards, the leading platform for sustainability intelligence, leadership and innovation, has announced the winners of 2012 awards. Read more

4. Survey on CSR and Profits

New York based Corporate and investor relations firm Adam Friedman Associates recently conducted a survey on corporate social responsibility globally. Read more

5. What CEOs Really Think about Sustainability

In a survey by Verdantix, instead of asking CEOs if they personally view sustainability as important for business, the analysis firm asked sustainability leaders how they think their CEOs perceive sustainability. Read more

6. 2012 Tomorrow’s Value Research

Now in its ninth year, the Tomorrow’s Value Research (TVR) provides a unique insight into the sustainability practices of the world’s largest companies. Read more


Table of Contents for Environmental Research Digest – December 2012

1. Renewable Energy Report

Ceres analysed the level of renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitment in Fortune and Global 100 companies. Read more

2. 2012 Sustainable Design Trend Watch Survey

 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and 3D design software company Autodesk surveyed the interest of professional engineers in incorporating energy-saving and other green initiatives into product design projects. Read more

3. Climate Counts’ 2012 – 2013 Annual Company Scorecard Report

 Climate Counts scored the largest 145 companies by revenue, in 16 industry sectors, on their actions to address climate change. Read more

4. Urban Growth Report

 The engineering consultancy Atkins, the Department for International Development (DfID) and University College London (UCL) prepared a report examining cities’ vulnerability to climate change. Read more

5. Global Warming Report

 World Bank released a study illustrating the likely impacts that would be associated with a 4° Celsius warming within this century.  Read more

6. Carbon Pricing Report

 A recent paper produced by Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy aims to clarify the role carbon-related fiscal measures can play in contributing to fiscal re-balancing in Europe.  Read more


Table of Contents for Social Research Digest – December 2012

1. Regeneration Consumer Study

The study is an in-depth online survey of consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors relating to sustainable consumption. Read more

2. Africa at Work: Job Creation and Inclusive Growth

The report by McKinsey Global Institute examines the employment landscape on the African continent. Read more

3. Reframing the Business Case for Diversity: A Values and Virtues Perspective

The paper provides an ethical evaluation of the debate on managing diversity within teams and organizations between equality and business case scholars. Read more

4. LBG Annual Review Report

The latest annual review from LBG shows how its 130 corporate members work together to improve the measurement and impact of their community contributions. Read more

5. The Myth of the Sleeping Giant: Why Latinos are the Fastest Growing Segment the Sustainability Industry has (N)ever Seen

A report by the advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi sheds some light in the untapped opportunities of sustainability marketing for the Latino community. Read more

6. Guide to Human Rights for SMEs

The European Commission has published an introductory guide to human rights for SMEs. Read more


Table of Contents for Governance Research Digest – December 2012

1. ESG Reporting Trends

Governance and Accountability Institute released its second yearly report examining corporate sustainability and responsibility reporting trends by US-based companies. Read more

2. Illicit Financial Flows From Developing Countries

In the third update of its original report, Global Financial Integrity estimates illicit financial flows from the developing world. Read more

3. Natural Capital Accounting

The report, “Is natural capital a material issue?”, produced by ACCA, KPMG and Flora and Fauna International explores the extent to which the increasing significance of natural capital is reflected in accountancy practices. Read more

4. Canada and the Green Economy

The “Canada and the Green Economy” report explores how the country deals with five aspects of green economic thinking, including governance and measurement, and what Canadian business and the accountancy profession can do to facilitate the transition. Read more

5. Stock Exchange Benchmark On Non-Financial Reporting Rules

The Verdantix report “Stock Exchange Benchmark On Non-Financial Reporting Rules” assesses the sustainability disclosure requirements for ten stock exchanges around the world with combined market capitalization of $15 trillion representing more than 15,600 listed firms. Read more

6. Corruption Perceptions Index 2012

Transparency International published its latest Corruption Perceptions Index, highlighting the levels of corruption all over the world. Read more


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