Chrysler Group recognized by Detroit Audubon Society

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Chrysler Group recognized by Detroit Audubon Society

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 4:00pm

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  • Chrysler Group’s lighting policy at headquarters creates a safer environment for migrating birds

(3BL Media) Auburn Hills, MI - Sep 12, 2012 - Chrysler Group LLC was recognized today at its headquarters facility by the Detroit Audubon Society for its support of the “Safe Passage Great Lakes” program. The Detroit Audubon Society initiated the Safe Passage Great Lakes program in 2006 to create a safer environment for the millions of birds that fly over Michigan during migration. By encouraging owners and tenants of tall buildings to turn off the lights during migratory season, the program is estimated to save untold thousands of birds each year.

Studies have found that many migratory birds travel at night and use the moon and stars for navigation. Tall illuminated buildings may disrupt the birds’ internal navigation system, leading disoriented birds to continuously circle the building or hit windows or other parts of the structure.

“Today’s recognition by the Detroit Audubon Society is a further affirmation of Chrysler Group’s many initiatives designed to protect our natural resources,” said Joe Ozdowy, Head - Exterior Building and General Services, Chrysler Group LLC. “We are proud to participate in this initiative to help Michigan continue to attract and nurture a wide variety of wild birds.”

The Chrysler Group World Headquarters and Technology Center is located in an expansive wooded setting on 504 acres in Auburn Hills, Mich. The site includes Galloway Creek (a tributary of the Clinton River), four natural wildlife wetland ponds, a blue heron rookery and abundant plant and wildlife. Chrysler Group is currently working with a local chapter of the Audubon Society to conduct an audit of birds on the site.

“Preservation of the natural environment is such a key component of our sustainability strategy that it is included in our Corporate Integrity Code,” said Gregory M. Rose, Director - Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability, Chrysler Group LLC. “In addition to reducing the hazards faced by birds during migration, turning off the lights in our facilities at night helped contribute to the 17 percent reduction in energy use we achieved in 2011 compared with 2010.”


About Sustainability at Chrysler Group

Chrysler Group is committed to charting a sustainable course that balances the demands of environmental, social and economic aspects. The measurement of success must go beyond the traditional bottom line and extend to recognition of the environment and the needs of individuals both inside and outside the Company. While Chrysler Group works to continually create an exciting lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles, the entire enterprise is committed to minimizing the impact its products and processes have on the global environment.

Chrysler Group published its first sustainability report in October 2011, covering the 2010 calendar year. The report represented the first time the Company had presented its vision for creating a sustainable enterprise, including strategies, initiatives and commitments. In April 2012, Chrysler Group, together with its partner Fiat S.p.A., released its 2011 Sustainability Report, reflecting the shared goals and combined results of the sustainability initiatives at the two organizations. This report can be found at:

About Safe Passage Great Lakes

The program was initiated in 2006 by the Detroit Audubon Society in response to a member’s concern about injured or dying birds he observed around buildings in downtown Detroit.  Inspired by the efforts of Chicago’s Bird Collision Monitors and Toronto’s Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), the Detroit Audubon Society and Michigan Audubon joined efforts in the first statewide program in the nation. The Safe Passage Great Lakes program is a long term commitment to address the many dangers these migratory birds face, and seeks to ensure their safe passage so that our avian treasures will still be there for future generations to enjoy.

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CONTENT: Press Release