Enbridge Ride: Ride Positive for Workplace, at Home and Personally

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Enbridge Ride: Ride Positive for Workplace, at Home and Personally

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Friday, June 7, 2013 - 5:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Community Investment at Enbridge

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In the 28 years Glenn Beaumont has worked at Enbridge he has never seen an event that unifies employees as does Toronto’s Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer Enbridge.

“The camaraderie among the Enbridge team is very visible and tangible. And it has no hierarchy,” says Glenn, Senior Vice President, Toronto. He attributes that to getting to see the “human side” of colleagues.

About 270 Enbridge employees rode or volunteered in the 2012 event. Before the ride they fundraised together and during the ride they trained together, helped each other and developed a bond that comes from sharing a meaningful experience.

Glenn rode with the Enbridge logo emblazoned on his shirt and was delighted at how as they rode by, other riders would often thank him for Enbridge’s support.

“Nothing that I remember has given us such a positive public image,” he says. “It makes you feel good about the company.” And he notes that all the positive feedback and personal interactions extends beyond the rides.

“I think for the longer term, people feel better about their colleagues and the company,” he explains. “I can’t believe that doesn’t have a positive fallout on the organization everyday.”

The first year Glenn led the ride in 2011, 70 Enbridge employees rode. In 2012, 170 joined the ride. He was especially impressed by the Enbridge employees who travelled from New Brunswick to participate in the ride.

“After the first few people joined, others watched and were inspired; and now we have people who join us from all parts of our gas distribution system.”

After watching him ride in 2011, Glenn’s wife, two sons, his daughter and a couple of friends were also inspired to join him on the ride in 2012. He’s proud of his family and as much he inspired them, he says they are part of the motivation that keeps him involved.

Glenn was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago and rides with a yellow flag extending from his bicycle. He feels fortunate to have survived. His brother and mother-in-law have both survived cancer and now his father has been diagnosed with the disease. So, when Enbridge took over the sponsorship of the Ride to Conquer Cancer in Toronto and Glenn was asked to lead the team, it made sense to do so.

“If you look at the survival rates compared to 20 years ago, it’s like night and day. That has a lot to do with improved diagnostics, which is a result of the research that’s been done because of the support from all of the people who donate,” Glenn says.  “That’s why I’m still here. So it resonates with me personally and it felt right to be involved in the ride.”


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CAMPAIGN: Community Investment at Enbridge

CONTENT: Article