RSF Social Finance Monthly -- October 2012

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RSF Social Finance Monthly -- October 2012

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RSF Social Finance Monthly -- Buliding the next #economy

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Autumn is here, and as we reap the harvest we ask how agriculture can transform the economy in the latest RSF Quarterly. Speaking of transformation, read about how members of the RSF community are building the Next Economy -- and help us share these stories!  We also report more on our financial results in our inaugural SIF Digest, and we are honored to be listed on ImpactAssets 50. Finally, don't miss the video of Mark Finser speaking at TEDx!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 12:05pm

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Building the Next Economy

You’ve probably heard of the “new economy,” which often refers to social media, sharing-based businesses, and sometimes socially responsible businesses. RSF Social Finance is working to build the next economy: one that’s rooted in community, considers everyone’s needs, and restores trust in financial relationships through transactions that are direct, transparent and personal.
This is incredibly ambitious. We’re asking you to help spread the word as we promote our “building the next economy” stories on our website, Facebook page, Twitter (#nexteconomy), and elsewhere.

You’ll find our latest stories about borrowers such as Guayaki and Pine Hill Waldorf School (to which we just made a new loan) in the Building the Next Economy section of our Reimagine Money blog. And check out our campaign on Facebook!

How Can Agriculture Transform the Economy?

The fall 2012 issue of the RSF Quarterly is out, and we are quite excited by the content. Read about how Viva Farms is cultivating a New American Farmer, how Hawthorne Valley nurtures Soil, Soul, and Society, and what food justice looks like in West Oakland and rural Hawaii. Download this issue here, and catch the podcast for more of our Clients in Conversation.Social Investment Fund Quarterly Digest

RSF launches the Social Investment Fund (SIF) Quarterly Digest. We are delighted to announce that the first digest is available for Q3 2012! The intention of the digest is to communicate key financial indicators and borrower highlights to our SIF clients and the greater community. You can find this document in our quarterly mailing (if you are an SIF investor) or on our Financials page.

Trust Us, We're in Finance

RSF Social Finance has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50 2012 (“The IA 50 2012”), an open-source, publicly published database of experienced private debt and equity impact investment fund managers.  The ImpactAssets 50 2012 is a resource for advisors and investors seeking to respond to the growing demand for investment opportunities that deliver both financial and social or environmental returns, and is now available here . Read the full story.

It was also an honor for RSF to recently take the stage of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. Mark Finser, Chair of the Board and a founding member of the group that revitalized RSF in 1984, spoke about the mission of social finance and the history of RSF at TEDx Presidio. Watch the video.

Upcoming Events

October  19-21, Bioneers, San Rafael, CA
October 21, Feminomics, San Rafael, CA 
October 23 - 25, Investors' Circle, New York, NY
October 25 - 27, Net Impact, Baltimore, MD
October 26 - 28, Connecting for Change, New Bedford, MA
November 1, Sustainable Industries Economic Forum, San Francisco, CA
November 6 - 9, Healthy Money Summit, Virtual
November 8 -10, Slow Money Earthworm Angels, Sausalito, CA
November 11 - 12, Green Festival, San Francisco, CA
November 14 - 17, Social Venture Network, Rye Brook, NY
November 15 - 18, Biodynamics, Madison, WI


CAMPAIGN: RSF Social Finance Monthly Newsletters

CONTENT: Newsletter