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Spotlight on CSC's 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report: Ethical Governance

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Spotlight on CSC's 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report: Ethical Governance

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Spotlight on CSC's 2012 CR Report: Ethical Governance: #csr
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 9:00am

CSC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, which we know are essential for our sustained success and long-term stockholder value.  In this year's CR Report, we outline the progress we have made with respect to ethics, values, and a culture of integrity.    Highlights from the year include:

  • Board approved separation of the offices of Chairman and CEO
  • A reaffirmation of CSC's core corporate values.  The CLEAR values--which stand for Client Focused, Leadership, Execution Excellence, Aspiration and Results--represent the things that matter most to CSC and unite us as one in service to clients the world over
  • Board approved and chartered Ethics and Compliance Office whose mission is to promote throughout the global CSC community a culture of performance with integrity that encourages ethical conduct, reinforces the CLEAR corporate values, and drives compliance with the Code of Business Conduct, internal policies, and the law
  • A set of new Responsible Supply Chain practices that include a public statement on our responsibilities in ethical sourcing and supply chain management

"The decision to charter our Ethics and Compliance Office directly and independently to the Board is a progressive one that employees, clients, and shareholders should celebrate,” said Chris DePippo, CSC’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer.  “In reaffirming their long-standing commitment to values and a strong culture of integrity, CSC's directors and management have given me and my team the authority and independence required to be as effective as possible."

To learn more about CSC's commitment to strong governance, view the Governance section of our 2012 CR Report.

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