Summertime And The Living Is Green: New Green Trends

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Summertime And The Living Is Green: New Green Trends

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 2:20pm

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Summertime and the living is “eco-friendly” easy!

couple weeks ago, we covered a few ideas for going green for summer. Below, we’ve focused on some of the hottest trends for keeping cool, hanging out, family vacations, etc. – all while reducing your carbon footprint. After all, summertime is hot enough without the effects of global warming and climate change!

Dress for the Weather: Green is the new black. If you’re updating your summer wardrobe, considering checking out any number of organic or sustainable clothing brands, either online or at local retailers. Another eco-friendly fun fact: Forego the temptation to crank the AC! Did you know that you can actually cool off just by wearing lighter colors and loose, light fabrics?

Take a Hike: With the warmer weather in full force, there’s officially no longer an excuse to hop in the car for a five-minute trip down the street. Biking, walking, running, roller blading or even skateboarding are all great ways to get around without releasing the harmful carbon emissions caused by driving (and note to self: the exercise will help you stay in shape for bathing suit season!).

Grillin’ Green: If you’ll be firing up the grill with friends, family and neighbors this summer season, be sure to check out our post on grilling the eco-friendy way! We’ve covered everything from hybrid grills to throwing an eco-friendly backyard bash. Read on here.

Green Summer Vacation: “Eco holidays” are increasingly popular getaways for families, couples, and individuals who want to watch their carbon footprint while globetrotting. Find some of the most popular eco-destinations for this summer season in this helpful guide.

Stay Local: Summer is a great time to explore local hot spots, or even plan a staycation in your own city. Reduce carbon emissions by staying in town, avoiding the airport (and the environmental impact of a plane/long car ride), and exploring the hidden secrets around your city or county!

Carbon Offsetting: Since the summertime months often mean a higher use of AC (regardless of the above efforts and steps), consider purchasing carbon offsets in order to cut down on your carbon footprint. Find out more about carbon offsetting in our previous article, here.

Do you have any more tips on green or eco-friendly summer trends? Be sure to share them with us in the comments, below, or on Facebook or Twitter!

A carbon neutral lifestyle can be a challenge — but one that you don’t have to tackle alone. We’re here to help! Reduce your carbon footprint with help from JustGreen Lifestyle’s Carbon Offsetting program and products.

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