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The Minute is your daily video digest of the most relevant CSR and Sustainability news and can be seen on the 3BL Media CSR Network - the largest network of CSR channels across the internet, Reuters Insider and here on the 3BL Media website.

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Axa to Divest of Fossil Fuel Assets and Make Green Investments - The Minute
Axa has become the first global financial insurer to divest from its investments in coal companies. Until now, the campaign to divest from fossil fuel businesses has been led by private money management firms like that of the Rockefeller family and public institutions such as Stanford University. Axa is a mainstream financial institution with $1 trillion in assets under management....
May 27, 2015 4:00 PM ET
Investors Fund New Tech Revolution in Financial Services - The Minute
The Silicon Valley formula of innovative ideas, new technology, and multi-billion dollar investment that has disrupted many industries is now changing the financial services sector. Last year, venture capital gave $12 billion to new financial tech startups, three times the amount invested in 2013. The targets of these startups cover the whole range of financial services: from crowdfunding to...
May 21, 2015 4:00 PM ET
Three Socially Responsible Companies with Big Free Cash Flows: Google, Microsoft, and Disney - The Minute
Can companies with “do good” strategies also generate good profits? That ongoing question from investors continues to get positive answers. Three companies with robust CSR practices—Google, Microsoft, and Disney—have gotten a “thumbs up” from investment advisory The Motley Fool for the huge free cash flow they generate. Free cash flow is the money a company has left over after deducting...
May 18, 2015 4:00 PM ET
New Study Finds Links Between CSR Reporting and Reputational Risk - The Minute
The work goes on to identify links between CSR and operational performance in business practices and strategies. A recent joint research project by CSRHub, a CSR and sustainability ratings and information database, and RepRisk, a data provider of ESG risk analysis and metrics, finds correlations between perceived CSR performance and reputational risk. According to the report’s authors,...
May 14, 2015 4:15 PM ET
New Rules, New Game: Unilever’s Socially Responsible Brands Boost Profits - The Minute
Some mainstream economists still question the value of integrating ESG factors into the P&L of companies. Their arguments usually quote Milton Friedman’s ‘60s truism that a corporation's responsibility is to make as much money for the stockholders as possible. They often don’t mention Friedman’s ‘70s qualifier, that those profits are to be made in sync with the basic rules of society,...
May 11, 2015 5:15 PM ET