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Darden's Citizenship Commitment: Plate

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Darden's Citizenship Commitment: Plate

We are continually working to better understand the energy, carbon and water footprint of the foods we serve. 

As a leader in the full-service restaurant industry, Darden understands that what is often most important to our guests is what we serve on each of our plates. 

This is why health and wellness is a strategic issue and we are committed to a thoughtful, forward-looking role in helping address it; while also maintaining a food safety, animal welfare and total quality program to ensure that all of the 425 million meals served annually meet our stringent safety and quality standards. Darden restaurants serve a wide variety of foods, but there is perhaps no food more integral to our company's history than seafood. In fact, seafood is the single largest item in Darden's overall "food basket" which is why we have a vested interest in ensuring that the supply of seafood on which we rely remains available, affordable and meets the quality and safety standards we expect. In Darden's view, the best way to ensure the safety of the food we purchase is to go directly to the source as well as to multiple points across the supply chain. Our objective is to have traceability from "pond to plate" or from "farm to fork." 

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