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Environmental responsibility is about more than creating an eco-friendly product or initiative. It’s about incorporating sustainability into everything we do, while using our technology and expertise to innovate on behalf of our customers, our communities and the planet.

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Ocean plastics: There are more than 86 million metric tons of plastic in our oceans right now. See how Dell is removing that pollution from our waters and turning it into materials for our products.

Design for environment: Innovative thinking and a lifecycle approach to how we design products and source materials are the first steps in delivering products that help you do more while minimizing your impact.

Reducing our impact: How products are made matters – to our customers, our communities and the planet. We focus on sustainable operations – using resources efficiently, managing wastes effectively and working to improve our local environment.

Green packaging and shipping: Our goal is to create a waste-free packaging experience, using recycled and renewable source materials, right-sizing to reduce waste, and making it easy for you to responsibly dispose of packaging through recycling or composting.

Reducing your footprint: Energy efficiency is a top priority across all our product lines. It helps you get the most from your energy use, which saves you money, reduce risk, and meet sustainability goals or regulations.

Recycling your Dell: We go beyond green IT — technology that itself leaves a smaller environmental footprint — to help you look at IT that enables you to address your sustainability goals and take control of your resources in a way that creates value.

2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update website: Environment
Explore the environment section of Dell FY17 2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update website:

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