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Executive Education: Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

For more than 25 years the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has been the preeminent source for management and professional development in corporate citizenship and community involvement.

Our programs and courses provide opportunities to learn– whether you can dedicate an hour, a week or six months – structured to fit your needs based on your responsibilities, scope of influence, and operational focus. We deliver knowledge in a variety of formats that suit your schedule, allowing you to access research findings and practical advice when you need it, wherever you may be working. In-depth explorations of targeted content take a practitioner focus, as top educators, business leaders, and peers share knowledge and experience that is immediately applicable and will enhance your skills and performance. Knowledge and news delivered to your desktop or device on an ongoing basis keeps you informed, while our network of practitioners keeps you connected.


Our programs include:


  • Courses designed to enhance or refresh your management skills, subject matter expertise, and mastery and knowledge of key frameworks and tools. These highly interactive classroom-based programs provide an opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners in a supportive learning environment. Whether you are strengthening your corporate citizenship strategy or thinking about implementing a new program or reporting protocol, the Center has a course for you.
  • Certificate programs bring notable credentials to your resume and provide the comprehensive knowledge, skills, and tools required to lead corporate citizenship programs more effectively. Completing a combination of elective and required courses culminates in a certificate from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.
  • Monthly webinars feature the latest research and information from experts on a variety of topics. Led by speakers from leading corporations and research organizations, these webinars provide an opportunity for participants to connect and learn from one another in a convenient setting. All webinars are also available on demand to members.
  • Custom onsite education programs address the specific needs of your company in a comfortable environment. The collaborative workshop style of our courses helps to build teamwork among staff and promote a better understanding of diverse perspectives, opportunities, and challenges related to corporate citizenship.
  • International Corporate Citizenship Conference is an annual event for corporate citizenship professionals, providing exceptional learning opportunities from nearly 100 speakers, more than two dozen hands-on workshops, and sessions where experts teach the tools and best practices that lead to success.
  • Affinity Groups provide ongoing forums to understand critical social issues, review changing public policy, share best practices, and develop deeper peer networks.


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