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Freeport-McMoRan: Environment & Ecology

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Freeport-McMoRan's approach to sustainable development combines three essential elements: continued economic success, building local community capacity and societal trust through stakeholder engagement, and improving environmental performance. Environment & Ecology highlights news and stories of the company’s work to be compliant with laws and regulations and to minimize environmental impacts.

Content from this campaign

Freeport-McMoRan Sponsors Papuan Ethnobotany Guide
The book is entitled Amua-gaig-e: The ethnobotany of the Amungme of Papua, Indonesia, and was written by Carolyn Cook with Joanna Webster. This non-traditional ethnobotanical guide presents anthropologist Dr. Carolyn Cook’s research and recollections gathered over 30 years of working and living with the Amungme people, who live in the highlands of Papua, Indonesia. ...
Jul 19, 2016 9:40 AM ET
Cerro Verde, a Freeport-McMoRan Company, Wins National Award for Environmental Excellence
The Cerro Verde mining company was awarded the Green Life seal for its innovative conservation efforts to protect the Peruvian long-snouted Bat (Platalina genovensium). Cerro Verde received the highest score from Peru's Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement in the Annual Environmental Excellence Ranking. Freeport-McMoRan works in partnership with...
May 17, 2016 7:35 AM ET
Tenke Fungurume Mining, a Freeport-McMoRan Company, Named Mining Company of the Year
Tenke Fungurume Mining (TFM) recently was named Mining Company of the Year and Best Performer in Environmental Management at the 2015 IPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development) Democratic Republic of Congo Mining & Infrastructure conference. The DRC Mining Industry Awards recognize companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to the...
Jan 12, 2016 8:00 AM ET
Freeport-McMoRan Receives Wildlife Habitat Council Award
The Morenci Mine in Arizona received a Bat Conservation Action Award from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), presented in partnership with Bat Conservation International for outstanding bat preservation and education efforts. The WHC partners with organizations dedicated to restoring and...
Dec 17, 2015 4:45 PM ET
Climax Mine, a Freeport-McMoRan Company, Recycles Biosolids for Land Reclamation
Since 1997, Climax operations has helped local communities recycle waste by converting the biosolids from their wastewater treatment plants into compost to reclaim and revegetate lands used in past mining activities. Biosolids are trucked in, piled, mixed with wood chips, aerated, turned, blended, tested and rested for about 18 months until the material is nutrient-rich and pathogen-...
Dec 8, 2015 10:40 AM ET