Norfolk Southern Corporation: Environmental Performance

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Norfolk Southern Corporation: Environmental Performance

Stewardship of resources is central to Norfolk Southern’s business strategy.

Norfolk Southern is committed to sustainable operating practices that reduce costs and environmental impacts. The company’s efforts to improve locomotive fuel economy and energy efficiency, for example, are linked to lowering locomotive diesel fuel and electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions.

With tracks that connect businesses, communities, and people across 22 states, Norfolk Southern has strong ties to the land. NS is committed to reducing and mitigating its impacts on the planet in an approach that connects conservation and capitalism, from support of reforestation in the Mississippi Delta to the preservation of rare longleaf pine habitat and wetlands in the southeastern U.S.


  • Named by CDP as an S&P 500 marketplace leader in carbon disclosure
  • Received innovation and sustainability awards for helping a customer convert freight from highway to rail, reducing its supply-chain carbon emissions and transportation costs 

Learn more about Norfolk Southern’s commitment to sustainable business practices at


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