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Through the Amgen Foundation’s support, Teach For America (TFA) has strengthened STEM education by increasing the number of outstanding math and science teachers serving in low-income urban and rural public schools across the United States. Annually, the Foundation supports 50 new Amgen Fellows from the top incoming TFA teachers with STEM backgrounds, offering them support for classroom resources and professional development. The Amgen Foundation has invested $7 million in the Fellows Program with the goal of strengthening STEM education in under-resourced U.S. communities, and inspiring students to explore a future in science. With the significant, multiyear support from the Amgen Foundation, today TFA supports more than 3,300 STEM educators who reach over 325,000 secondary school students across 35 states.

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Exploring Long-Term Solutions To Strengthen the Diversity and Support of the STEM Teacher Workforce
By Dr. Joseph Wilson and Eduardo CeltinDr. Joseph Wilson is a Teach For America—Phoenix alumnus and senior managing director of the organization’s STEM initiative. Eduardo Celtin is the president of Amgen Foundation Individuals with degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines have no shortage of job opportunities. However, the majority of...
Aug 19, 2015 9:00 AM ET