Cisco Networking Academy Student Becomes Adecco Australia CEO for a Month

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Cisco Networking Academy Student Becomes Adecco Australia CEO for a Month

James Kaluschke is a former Cisco Networking Academy student who will gain valuable career skills while serving as Adecco Australia’s CEO for a month.
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This post was originally written on Adecco Australia’s blog by guest blogger James Kaluschke, a Cisco Networking Academy student who beat 582 other applicants to become the Adecco Australia “CEO for One Month.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 2:55pm

My name is James Kaluschke and I’m CEO For One Month of Adecco Australia. I am an ambitious university student currently in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Queensland.  Alongside my studies, I work as a Client Service Officer at MGD Wealth, a Pharmacy Assistant at Pinnacle Pharmacy Group, and have represented Australia in track and field.

As a career driven individual, I applied for the ‘CEO for One Month’ position, as it would provide me with invaluable work experience and insights into the daily life of a corporate leader. I know that working for Adecco, the world’s leading human resources solutions company, will provide me with a once in a lifetime experience over the coming month, and I am looking forward to any challenges that lay ahead.

Day 1

I don’t normally wake up at 5 in the morning, so it was a bit of a shock that the sun hadn’t risen and I was traveling to the airport. Half a dozen coffees later, I arrived at Freshwater Place in Melbourne, the home of Adecco’s head office in Australia. I spent most of my first day developing my understanding of how the organization operates and the different brands that sit under the Adecco Group umbrella.

Day 2

Another 5 a.m. start and another city. This time, Neil Jones, CEO of Adecco Australia, and I were traveling to Sydney for the permanent placement operations review. I was beginning to develop a more detailed understanding of the business and this operations review gave me a few new ideas for my business plan. Throughout the day, the team participated in constructive discussion about how we could improve the business. It was clear that everyone was very passionate and had strong team spirit.

Day 3

On my third day as CEO, I was lucky enough to attend the International CEO Forum, which is specifically and exclusively held for the most senior executives in the Australian operations of foreign-owned multinational corporations. This was an invaluable insight into the future of international business.

Day 4

Thursday morning consisted of an informal breakfast with a few members of the team from Adecco, Ajilon and Judd Farris. Later in the day I went on my first client meeting, which involved having a look around a building site. I was then lucky enough to get shown around Microsoft’s Sydney office and chat to the Pontoon team about their role in Microsoft. After I arrived back at the office, I was off on another client visit, and later that evening, I attended the BASF Creator Space event at Technology Park.

Day 5

I kicked off my last day in Sydney with a client visit in the morning, and then I spent some time with Erica Page, who is the head of People and Culture for Adecco. Erica talked me through some strategies she had put in place and gave me some great insights to help me with my business plan. Although I had only been in the Sydney office for less than a week, it was a bit upsetting having to leave.

Follow James on Twitter using the #CEO1month hashtag and be sure to visit the Cisco CSR blog for more updates from his time as the CEO of Adecco Australia! At the end of the month, he’ll have an opportunity to showcase his skills for employers and earn a job with Adecco.

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