Clinical Franchise and Marketing Colleagues Help Create a Healthier World with Unique Teambuilding Event

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Clinical Franchise and Marketing Colleagues Help Create a Healthier World with Unique Teambuilding Event

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.@QuestDX employees build 21 prosthetic hands as part of @OdysseyTeams Helping Hands Project
Friday, March 18, 2016 - 10:05am

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The highlight of last week’s Clinical Franchise and Marketing All Hands Meeting was a special experience called “Helping Hands.” Quest colleagues from the Clinical Franchises and Marketing organization formed 23 teams to build prosthetic hands that will go to amputees in developing countries.

“I have been part of more than 100 team-building events and this was the most impactful and fulfilling one I have ever participated in,” said Karthik Kuppusamy, Ph.D., GM, Neurology Franchise. “It was great to know we contributed to improving everyday health of at least 25 people and their families through this project.”

Helping Hands™ is the award-winning project that puts prosthetic hands on amputees in developing countries while building purpose-driven teams and leaders. The project funds and builds life-saving LN-4 prosthetic hands needed by tens of thousands of people in developing countries around the world. To date, the project has distributed approximately 17,000 prosthetic hands to recipients in 75 countries.

Here are some comments from participants:

“I loved the team event because it aligned with why I love working at Quest. Every day everyone can make a difference, we help save lives every day to make a healthier world. The helping hands project allowed us to work closely together, providing a little bit of our time and making a difference to those who are less fortunate.”

Edwin Diaz, Executive Director, Molecular Oncology

“Hearing the reactions from my peers at the end of the meeting helped highlight the tangible impact that this event had on each participant and it was easy to connect to the company goal of creating a healthier world.”

Mark Newman, Executive Director, HR Business Partner

“The Helping Hands team building activity was a great way for us to work collaboratively as a new team, while supporting a great cause. It was nice to take on a project with colleagues I may not have worked with before, and to know that we were helping people in the process was very rewarding.”

Tania A. Buchmelter, Director, Healthcare Professional Channel Marketing

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