Delivering Sustainable Value to Our Communities

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Delivering Sustainable Value to Our Communities

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Positive relationships with local communities are integral to how @Goldcorp_Inc does business
Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 12:15pm

Positive relationships with local communities are integral to our business: with them we can succeed, without them we can’t. It’s that simple. To operate safely and sustainably, and to ensure that we create long-term positive benefits, we strive to work closely with communities near our operations on key issues including sustainable benefits, community engagement, and human rights, while also placing a special emphasis on the unique issues faced by Indigenous peoples around our mines.

Wherever we operate, a deep understanding and appreciation of local context and issues guides our efforts. We invest time and resources in building strong community partnerships based on transparency and respect because we recognize that these are the foundation to our success.

Local hiring and procurement are significant parts of our strategy for delivering sustainable benefits to communities. When possible, we choose local businesses to provide goods and services that support our operations. Last year, 91% of goods and services were purchased from regional and national sources, accounting for more than $1 billion of spending. Similarly, our people management teams use employment and training programs that, over time, enable us to hire a large percentage of our employees from communities near our operations. In 2015 alone, 76% of employees were drawn locally and regionally. In addition to supporting local economies as an employer and customer, we also make a sizable community impact through taxes, royalties and other payments while also contributing to community-focused initiatives ranging from local infrastructure to supporting arts and culture, education and health and wellness.    

An example of this was a community investment made at our Cerro Negro mine in Argentina, which demonstrates the kind of long-term sustainable impact we are trying to make. In this instance, our contribution to a local hospital meant that expectant mothers no longer have to travel long distances to receive much needed prenatal care. Having a well-equipped local clinic also helped improve the overall quality of life for the community.

Our ability to create value for communities around our operations is built on the strength of partnerships with local communities, government, civil society and non-governmental organizations. In order to create lasting partnerships, we need to understand who our key stakeholders are and what is important to them. Effective stakeholder engagement demands flexibility and, depending on the context, we participate in mechanisms such as formal committee meetings, or sometimes more informal get-togethers with local community members. 

We work with local Aboriginal communities and through effective engagement with these groups we have successfully created numerous employment and business opportunities, encouraged economic independence and entrepreneurship, and also ensured we remain sensitive to local cultural and social practices. Last year, we celebrated the first graduating class of the Aboriginal Mining and Skilled Trades Entry Project (AMSTEP). A pioneer program - the first of its kind to be taught in an active mine site - AMSTEP provides career skills to Aboriginal youth in signatory communities and helps create a workforce able to meet the needs of local industry.

In keeping with our value of Respecting All Our Stakeholders, all of our efforts to build strong relationships and share benefits with our communities rest on a foundation of respect. In 2015, we updated our human rights policy to reflect the changing social context in which we operate, and to now reflect our commitment to respecting the rights of all of our stakeholders.

We believe that establishing and maintaining good relationships and strong partnerships with communities near our operations is critical. It means making a continuous effort to engage communities on a wide range of issues. It means being willing to listen, learn and understand different points of views. It means making a commitment to being a responsible miner and a good neighbour.

For more information on how we work with communities, please click here.

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