Driving Employee Engagement Through Better Program Coordination

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Driving Employee Engagement Through Better Program Coordination

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Coordinating staff volunteering can be hard. See @MicroEdgeLLC best practices to learn how to boost participation http://bit.ly/2aSEr3L
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 9:05am

You’ve set up an employee volunteer program. Now you need volunteers. After all, the program won’t run itself. Luckily you’ve got a large pool of employees ripe for the picking and all you have to do is get them interested in participating. But how? Have you set clear goals and shared them with your staff? Have you considered your employee's interests and skills in the volunteer activity? Will your staff gain new knowledge from this volunteer acitity? Do the volunteers need training before the activity? 

These are all critical questions to consider while coordinating a volunteer program, and we've laid them all out in an educational article to help you succeed. Learn best practices for getting your employees more involved in the planning and execution of employee volunteer events in order to increase participation in your programs. Click here to see the full article. 

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