Helping Challenged Youth Turn Into Socially Conscious Leaders Through Engineering

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Helping Challenged Youth Turn Into Socially Conscious Leaders Through Engineering

by Mohamad I. Alameh, Teach For Lebanon Fellow
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 12:05pm

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In annual reports ranking the quality of education around the world, Lebanon is consistently high on the list. What those rankings don't tell you, however, is that in some areas of the country more than one in 10 people can't read or write because they lack access to a quality education. Such educational inequity leads to increased poverty, civil unrest, ignorance of human rights, and other social problems. Teach For Lebanon, a partner in the global Teach For All network, exists to address this inequity and work towards the day when all students in Lebanon are receiving a high quality education.

As a Teach For Lebanon Fellow, I teach a group of students at the Sidon Orphan Welfare Society who have been labeled as having little understanding of "moral values" and who face academic, social, and economic challenges. Learning to manage my students' behavior wasn't easy, as they were accustomed to meeting authority with disrespect. But I knew reaching -- and educating -- them would be possible once we found a way to connect.

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