Ingersoll Rand Employees Plant 5,000+ Trees for Earth Day and Lead the Way to a More Sustainable Future

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Ingersoll Rand Employees Plant 5,000+ Trees for Earth Day and Lead the Way to a More Sustainable Future

In support of the company’s Climate Commitment, employees around the world planted trees to help reduce greenhouse gases.
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On #EarthDay @IngersollRand teams planted 5,000+ trees & much more! #EarthDayIngersollRand #ClimateCommitment
Friday, May 8, 2015 - 12:30pm

Celebrated by more than 1 billion people around the world, Earth Day is the largest civil observance in the world. This year’s global theme, “It’s Our Turn to Lead,” celebrates a shift in global recognition of climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability. The key is for organizations with the right expertise to generate important conversations on these topics, and to deliver innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. That’s where Ingersoll Rand steps forward.

“Our sustainability vision is firmly embedded in the DNA of our company and in the passions and beliefs of our people around the world,” said Paul Camuti, senior vice president, innovation and chief technology officer, Ingersoll Rand. “From our global Climate Commitment announced last year at the Clinton Global Initiative and United Nations Climate Summit, to individual actions taken every day, we are leading the way with energy efficient and sustainable solutions.”

In honor of 2015 being the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, Ingersoll Rand employees set a goal of planting 4,500 trees at or near the company’s locations around the globe. This goal was exceeded due to the efforts of employees, including the company’s global network of volunteer Green Teams, who continually find ways to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and promote sustainability at work. Over 5,300 trees were planted!

In addition to planting trees, over 9,000 employees at locations throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America led and participated in Earth Day activities. Over 675 customers, local business and organization representatives, and employee family members also participated. Events included tree plantings, clean-ups, seed distribution, fuel efficiency programs, providing reusable grocery bags, educational events, and much more. Most importantly, these events raised awareness about environmental issues and demonstrated that individual actions, large and small, of many people can lead to exponential gains.

Click here for a sampling of photos of Earth Day at Ingersoll Rand sites around the world.

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