Legg Mason Helps Clean Chesapeake Bay, One Oyster at a Time

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Legg Mason Helps Clean Chesapeake Bay, One Oyster at a Time

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 10:00am

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Legg Mason's Environmental Sustainability Council engaged with the Greater Baltimore Oyster Partnership to release oysters into the Chesapeake Bay as part of an innovative oyster-growing initiative. The program is designed to preserve the Chesapeake Bay's declining native oyster population so that they can continue to serve as excellent water filters.

After nine months of cleaning and caring for the baby oysters, Legg Mason volunteers joined the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Waterfront Partnership on a short boat ride to release more than 16,000 matured oysters into a protected oyster sanctuary in the Patapsco River, where they will live out the rest of their lives. That equals 818,950 gallons of water filtration every day.

This was the second consecutive year that Legg Mason "adopted" and cared for an oyster garden in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, along with other local companies. A new batch of spat, or baby oysters, will be harvested this October.

To get involved in the oyster initiative, please contact:

Adam Lindquist
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.

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CONTENT: Multimedia with summary