Let's Turn Learning Inside Out

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Let's Turn Learning Inside Out

by Janine Ingram, Vice President of Philanthropic Partnerships, MIND Research Institute
In Pixar's Inside Out, Joy learns the importance of Sadness. Similarly, we need to appreciate failure's crucial role in the learning process, just as Pixar's filmmakers do. Photo: ©Disney
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Friday, July 24, 2015 - 9:45am

Like most parents this summer, I went to see "Inside Out." Unlike most, I went alone. It was on my oldest son's birthday and I wanted to honor our birthday tradition of going to a family movie, despite the fact my newly minted 21-year-old was 860 miles away playing basketball with his Idaho State University teammates. I started crying as I took my seat, realizing our tradition had run its course since both boys are now ginormous men chasing college hoop dreams.

I had anxiously awaited the release of "Inside Out" since reading Pixar Co-Founder and President Ed Catmull's fascinating book, "Creativity, Inc." His focus is building a creative culture and uses candid examples from Pixar's 20 year history to illustrate the philosophies that nurture and protect the creative process. The book was a gift from my own CEO, another brilliant man so committed to advancing innovation and creativity within his team that he bought a copy for all 198 of his employees, a bold move considering the book devotes 70 pages to the importance of embracing failure.

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