Life-Saving Tech Solutions Created from the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

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Life-Saving Tech Solutions Created from the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

by Jana Sweeny, Director of International Communications, American Red Cross.
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Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 8:05am

If you were affected by a disaster, do you know how to let people know you are safe?

As Katrina's aftermath flooded New Orleans, countless families were separated. My phone rarely worked and my husband was in Afghanistan. He was so scared when he couldn't reach me for more than a day. So many families faced this same unknown for days, even weeks. Red Cross volunteers tried tirelessly to help.

One woman stayed behind in New Orleans to help her elderly landlord who was disabled. Eventually they were rescued and taken to a shelter in Little Rock, Arkansas. Red Cross workers searched the Internet for her family and found her father in Homa, Louisiana. They facilitated a call between the two and she was eventually able to reunite with her entire family in Homa. But it took time -- painful days of not knowing if where each other was and if they were safe.

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