Looking Back, Moving Forward: Mondi Group Shares New Growing Responsibly Model and Commitments

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Mondi Group Shares New Growing Responsibly Model and Commitments

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 9:00am

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Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, released its 2015 Sustainable development report today, together with its Integrated report and financial statements, and its Looking back, moving forward: sustainable development 2015 publication.

The sustainable development report gives a comprehensive account of the Group’s approach to sustainable development, its performance in 2015, as well as its progress against its five-year commitments set in 2011. The Looking back, moving forward publication reflects on the progress made in these five years to 2015, and sets up the next five years of priorities.
Read more on Mondi’s reporting hub.
Performance highlights from 2015
Key achievements reflected on in the reporting include:

  • Achieving a total recordable case rate (TRCR) of 0.70, well below the Group’s five-year commitment level
  • Achieving a 22% reduction of waste to landfill since 2010
  • 59% of fuel consumed by its mills comes from renewable energy sources, compared to 56% in 2010
  • Electrical self-sufficiency of pulp and paper mills increased from 82% in 2010 to 103% in 2015
  • Continuing to support a landscape approach through the global WWF-Mondi partnership, by launching the WWF-Boreal Forest Platform (Russia) and its water stewardship work in South Africa
  • Maintaining Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification and implementing ISO 14001 certification of 100% or 2.4 million hectares of Mondi’s owned and leased forests
  • Launching the ‘Growing responsibly’ model which will guide its sustainability approach and shape its commitments to 2020 and beyond.

Mondi’s new Growing responsibly model is structured around 10 action areas with 16 commitments to 2020 and beyond. The action areas, which also show the alignment of Mondi’s sustainability agenda to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, are:

  • Employee and contractor safety
  • A skilled and committed workforce
  • Fairness and diversity in the workplace
  • Sustainable fibre
  • Climate change
  • Constrained resources and environmental impacts
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Supplier conduct and responsible procurement
  • Relationships with communities
  • Solutions that create value for its customers

Key commitments include:

  • Reducing specific CO2e emissions from its pulp and paper mills by 15% by 2030 against a 2014 baseline
  • Reducing the TRCR by 5% compared to the 2015 baseline, including its new acquisitions
  • Maintaining 100% FSC certification and promoting sustainable management of its owned and leased forestry operations.

Speaking of the plans ahead, David Hathorn, Group chief executive officer, commented:
“In looking back at our journey over the past five years, we’re convinced that our responsible approach has played a major role in our success. Moving forward, we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on our experiences and lessons learnt, and have considered and responded to global developments and sector challenges.”
Discover more
Readers are invited to explore sustainable development at Mondi through three publications:

  • Looking back, moving forward: Sustainable development 2015
    A printed publication reflecting on the progress made over the last five years since the launch of its second set of sustainable development commitments.
  • Online Sustainable development report 2015
    A comprehensive view of Mondi’s approach to sustainable development and its performance in 2015, prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 core guidelines.
  • Integrated report and financial statements 2015
    An overview of Mondi’s performance in 2015 and insight into how its approach to strategy, governance, people and performance combine to generate value in a sustainable way.

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Lora Rossler
Group Head of Communications

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