Participate in Live #CleanEnergyU Tweetathon

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Participate in Live #CleanEnergyU Tweetathon

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Join students, entrepreneurs & climate leaders for a discussion on clean energy on Apr 22. Join using #CleanEnergyU
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 1:30pm

CAMPAIGN: The #CleanEnergyU Conversation

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Join students, climate leaders and clean-energy entrepreneurs in a lively half-day discussion on clean energy via the #CleanEnergyU Tweetathon on April 22. During this chat, participants have an opportunity to meet clean energy experts and ask them how to best achieve the clean energy future students most want to see. 

Experts range from clean energy entrepreneurs and visionaries to leaders challenging campuses to invest in more clean energy and divest out of fossil fuels.

These climate experts will engage in conversations from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET on April 22. Participants can tweet their question in advance or on the day of the chat to a particular expert by using both the #CleanEnergyU hashtag and tagging the speaker’s handle.

12 ET/9PT:

  • Mark Kenber, CEO of Climate Group, @MarkKenber

1 ET/10 PT:      

  • David Tulauskas, Sustainability Director of General Motors, @DavidTulauskas
  • Joel Makower, Chairman, GreenBiz, @makower
  • Snehal Desai, Global Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions, @SneDesai

2 ET/11PT:       

  • Tony Cortese, Co-President, Intentional Endowment Network, @TonyCSN
  • George Dyer, Co-President, Intentional Endowment Network, @georgesdyer
  • Eban Goodstein, Director, Center for Environment and Policy, Bard College, @BardMBA
  • Anastasia Schemkes, Student Coalition Campaign Representative, Sierra Club, @sierrastudent #SezeTheGrid

Blog posts from many of these clean energy leaders and campuses will be found on U.S. Green Building Council’s GBIG Insight blog starting April 15.  Check then for insights into the 2025 clean energy vision from Sierra Club’s student coalition; Bard College; Rochester Institute of Technology; and other clean energy entrepreneurs such as Joel Makower and Snehal Desai.

Throughout Earth Month, students, professors and clean energy leaders will be sharing their insights regarding the clean energy future they want to see by 2025.

The campuses leading Chevrolet’s Chevrolet's Clean Energy Campus Campaign originally convened the #CleanEnergyU dialogue. These academic leaders were the first to access a new source of carbon capital to help accelerate their clean energy leadership.

Join the #CleanEnergyU conversation.

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CAMPAIGN: The #CleanEnergyU Conversation

CONTENT: Article