Predictions for Five CSR Trends in 2015

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Predictions for Five CSR Trends in 2015

by Maeve Miccio
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Friday, January 16, 2015 - 12:30pm


Corporate social responsibility has evolved significantly over the past several decades – from corporations simply writing checks to nonprofits, to a multitude of practices and activities that have become highly integrated into business practices. As we close out 2014, here are Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s predictions for what’s ahead for CSR in the coming year:

CSR programs are going global, but will have more flexibility for local adaptation

It used to be common for a company to develop a signature program in headquarters and roll it out across global offices. The program was to be a neat package with everything “fitting into key pillars” with shared programs, guidelines and metrics across borders. However, at SVCF we are noticing a departure from such rigid frameworks. For instance, STEM education may not be an appropriate CSR strategy in a country where a basic need such as access to clean water is more pressing. Similarly, rethinking employee engagement programs with local context in mind is important for international success. For example, a U.S. $50 minimum requirement for a matching gift may work for U.S. employees, but could be a barrier to participation by employees in other countries.

The lines between for-profit and nonprofit will continue to blur

With the emergence of the sharing economy, B Corps and the burgeoning of social enterprises, the lines between for-profits and nonprofits will continue to blur. Increasingly, entrepreneurs are developing products and services for the sole purpose of societal benefit. Many companies are partnering with these for-profit enterprises and other “nontraditional” partners, whereas historically companies have partnered nearly exclusively with nonprofits. LinkedIn, for example, is even contributing grants directly to employees with transformative ideas.

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As vice president of corporate responsibility, Maeve leads a department of 14 professionals who facilitated over $31 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in 27 countries in 2013. Maeve is responsible for the strategic direction of SVCF’s corporate responsibility work and is a member of the community foundation’s leadership team. You can follow Maeve on Twitter at @Maeve_Miccio. Click here to learn more about Maeve Miccio.

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