Senior Women at Nestlé

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Senior Women at Nestlé

Read these stories from some of the women in key management roles across the organisation.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 4:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Nestlé Creating Shared Value

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Viviane Monges

Viviane is Head of Finance and Control within the Business Excellence team. She oversees finance in the department, making sure that it is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as it can, and driving optimisation of Finance processes. It’s a broad and fast-paced role and, though Viviane has been at Nestlé just over a year, she’s already been exposed to many parts of our business.

Viviane appreciates the culture at Nestlé. Her team goes above and beyond, with a high motivation to reach ambitious goals for the benefit of the company. Her faith in her team has always paid off and she pushes talent wherever she sees their potential. Whether it’s giving her people opportunities or developing their focus, she always tries to find the right place for the right people.

Viviane believes that these same values have enabled her own career successes. Her advice is to have confidence in your ability, embrace change and engage the people around you. She also encourages her people to gain visibility, challenge decisions and show their difference. Having always worked in Finance functions, which are still today predominantly masculine, she’s especially interested to see the ‘female’ ways of working and managing risk.

Anne Roulin

Anne is Vice President of Nutrition, Health & Wellness and Sustainability and works at the Nestlé Research Center. She looks at some of the world’s biggest problems, and how the intersection of nutrition and sustainability can solve them: like how to help to feed 9.6 billion people by 2050 in the context of climate change, urbanisation and globalisation. These challenges have become her life's work.

Anne’s current projects see her working on an international scale. After 13 years at the company, she now oversees Nestlé’s global sustainable nutrition programme within R&D. That means working to provide tasty and healthy products to meet people’s dietary needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs. Or, in short, offering satisfying, nutritious foods whilst reducing the environmental impact. To do it, Anne interacts with all kinds of international organisations – from NGOs and universities to governments and private companies. So she is working to make a real difference to people’s lives, now and in the future.

For Anne, Nestlé has provided an ideal environment to grow her career. She’s been able to work with a wide range of different people and build an international network. Nestlé’s scope means that there are people on the ground in practically every country and frequently, in a meeting, every person is of a different nationality. This provides many new perspectives and fosters a dynamic, collaborative spirit. For Anne, that means when there’s a new idea or approach, it can be implemented to make a global difference.

Chavanne Hanson

Chavanne is Assistant Vice President and Head of Nutrition, Health & Wellness for Global Public Affairs. She’s been with Nestlé over nine years. In this role, Chavanne shares our accomplishments and global mission with stakeholders, the public and public health leaders like the World Health Organisation. As commitments to health and wellness are established or new science is published, Chavanne is there to showcase this work. It could be how scientific research is contributing to the evolution of Nestlé’s food and beverage portfolio or how our policies are in place to establish a positive and health promoting work environment. Whatever it is, Chavanne and her team work to showcase our meaningful contributions toward positive public health.

Chavanne’s favourite projects have involved working closely with brands and consumers. Learning how to blend the science of nutrition with marketing can favourably enhance the lives of consumers. Understanding what makes consumers tick is critical to ensuring that the goodness we are putting into our foods and beverages actually benefits the consumer. At the heart of this work is effective communication. Complex, ground-breaking science needs to be communicated to consumers and the general public in the clearest and most transparent way possible. This is one of the main opportunities in her current role.

To be effective, Chavanne has developed all kinds of skills through building her experience on a whole range of brands and businesses. She’s learned how to be a strong leader, effective communicator and active listener. Plus, numerous mentors nurtured her interests and abilities along the way. The one piece of advice she would give to budding leaders is to make the most of your team: they are your greatest asset. At every level, Chavanne has had deep respect for each individual, including her managers, peers and everyone around that helps her – and Nestlé – to achieve their influential work.

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CAMPAIGN: Nestlé Creating Shared Value

CONTENT: Article