Wearables in the Workplace: 3 Reasons to Test in Manufacturing

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Wearables in the Workplace: 3 Reasons to Test in Manufacturing

by Heather Franzese & Tom Rausch of Good World Solutions
Image credit: Good World Solutions
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Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 9:35am

Everyone's talking about wearables in the workplace. Imagine your boss asking you to wear a Fitbit and compete in an office pool to track your physical activity and sleep. Companies like Google are pioneering this approach to so-called "people analytics," layering analytics on top of employee behavior. Grocer Tesco has been using wearables since 2004 to boost productivity in its distribution centers.

The cost of activity trackers has come down and functionality has gone up, both in sufficient measure to make it feasible to deploy them at mass scale.

We see three reasons why passive data capture from factory workers makes sense:

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