Why Many WPG Programs Miss the Mark: The Top 5 Things That Get in The Way of Your Program’s Success

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Why Many WPG Programs Miss the Mark: The Top 5 Things That Get in The Way of Your Program’s Success

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 3:30pm


There is a very good reason why the corporate giving landscape is replete with companies re-examining their workplace giving program strategy, design, technology and providers: quite simply, they want to drive more successful outcomes.

We and others have talked a lot about how a starting point for improvement of programs is the recognition of a broader notion of employee and stakeholder engagement: one that goes beyond mere fundraising or grantmaking-based goals. Let’s take this point as a given (or for more on some of the empirical evidence, check out our most recent blog post).

If your workplace giving program isn't yielding the business and social outcomes that you aspire to (which should include raising your profile in the company and attracting more budget!), it is very likely that one or more of the following issues are getting in the way. These are intentionally macro issues (rather than program features or approaches); though we’ll get to the more granular stuff in a subsequent post - or come to the charities@work conference!

These hurdles are really just opportunities looking for a bit of go-getter-ness and an appetite for change.

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