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Green Builder Media delivers thought pieces and calls to action encouraging people to make choices that ensure a sustainable future—a cultural tipping point that is driven by masses of everyday people around the world who want to live in harmony with nature while ensuring all people can...
The Arc House Making the Connection Between Smart + Solar A new dwelling concept that combines the economy and simplicity of tiny house living with cutting edge building science. A home that is smart, self-sufficient, and compact.A net-zero home that is ready for anything—and that is...
Building codes and regulations seem to shift as quickly as the sand. Along with some knowledgeable professionals, we'll help you sift through the muddle by providing regular updates on code and regulation changes throughout the U.S.
In a high-performance home, it's what's behind the walls that matters. Green Builder Media is your headquarters for high-performance tips and tools. You'll find expert research on insulation, window glazing, housewrap, plumbing, HVAC and other essential systems in any home.
Tips, technology, and common sense solutions for being more efficient with water.


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