What the U.S. Could Buy With Wasted Healthcare Dollars

What the U.S. Could Buy With Wasted Healthcare Dollars

PBS created an interesting infographic on what could be done with the $750 billion waste that the Institute of Medicine report highlighted. Read the rest of the story on PBS.

Of course, one person’s “waste” is another’s revenue. This is why those profiting from waste will put up every roadblock imaginable to eliminating that waste. It’s the classic approach used by incumbent businesses – FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt). There are items below that I’m sure resonate with every political stripe. What’s your hot button? Education? Defense spending? Uninsureds? There’s something for you.

This post originally appeared Forbes.com 

Dave Chase is the CEO of Patient Relationship Management company, Avado, that provides basic & advanced patient portals for healthcare providers in accountable models such as medical/health homes, accountable organizations, etc.. A Senior Consultant in Accenture's Healthcare Practice prior to founding Microsoft's Health platform business transforming it from Microsoft's worst vertical market to its strongest (in terms of 3rd party developer support & revenue).