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Ten Ways for Mining Companies to Work Better with Indigenous People

Why is there such a big gap between what’s important to indigenous people and how mining companies are addressing their priorities?

As a follow-up to the piece I wrote last week (see: Why the Future of Mining Depends on Social Change) I felt it was important to explore this question and to provide some direction for what should mining companies could do differently to improve their relationships with indigenous people.

I got  perspective on this issue


BASF Sets High Standards for CSR Reporting in Germany

BASF Corporation, one of Europe's leading CSR lights, recently published their latest integrated annual report.

There aren't many companies at all hitting their environmental targets, never mind hitting them nine years early, but BASF have done exactly that. There will of course be an argument hidden in the detail behind the headlines, to suggest that this may be more of weak or pessimistic goal setting than the...

50 Cent on Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In a recent interview with American rap icon Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, we discussed his evolving philanthropic efforts, bridging business with social responsibility, and what’s next on his radar.

Rahim Kanani: What was the moment upon which you decided to become active in the philanthropic space?

50 Cent: Once I achieved success in 2003 with my first album, Get Rich or Die Trying, I quickly realized how I could use my success to make a difference. Shortly after, I launched the G Unity Foundation...

Cracking the CSR Codes Puzzle

By Dr Wayne Visser

Part 5 of 13 in Wayne Visser's Age of Responsibility Blog Series for 3BL Media.

Looking back, we can see that the 1990s were the decade of CSR codes – not only EMAS, ISO 14001 and SA 8000, but also the Forest Steward Council (FSC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification Schemes, Green Globe Standard (tourism sector), Corruption Perceptions Index, Fairtrade...

The Five Greenest Companies in the World

Green is the new black. In recent years being “green” has become more popular than ever before. With the old stigmas about green-mindedness vanquished, the citizens of the world have embraced sustainable technologies and environmentally sound innovations. As a result businesses are starting to take notice, and many are scrambling to “green up” their practices and improve their appearance and marketing techniques. In fact, according to a resource for top online doctoral programs, an increasing number of universities are even offering MBAs in...

Broken Promises: BP’s slide backwards into Promotional CSR

By Wayne Visser

Part 4 of 13 in Wayne Visser's Age of Responsibility Blog Series for 3BL Media.

By 2000, John Browne, then-CEO of BP, felt the company had earned enough sustainability kudos to risk a major rebranding. The company


Why the Future of Mining Depends on Social Change

“CSR represents mining companies of the future. The mining industry, more than any other, is aware of the problems more than other industries and understands the impacts of the past.” –Wes Hanson, President and CEO of Noront Resources Ltd.

From March 4th – March 7th the world’s largest annual gathering of people, companies and organizations connected with mineral exploration will take place in Toronto at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s


Harvard President Announces $100,000 Social Entrepreneurship Prize

Last Wednesday, President Drew Gilpin Faust sent an email to the Harvard community announcing a university-wide contest on social entrepreneurship.

“The world’s most pressing problems heed no borders, and to better address them we need to work across boundaries to formulate solutions. I can think of no place better prepared to take on such challenges than Harvard,” Faust said in a statement.

The contest is sponsored by Faust and supported by the Harvard...

CSR - Letters from Europe

In case you hadn't noticed, the majority of online content and conversation in the Corporate Social Responsibility space originates in the good old US of A. Maybe that is no surprise as population size alone provides robust reasoning in addition to a more communicative culture, than many more of my reserved UK based compatriots.

In an effort to redress the balance, this is the first of a series of weekly blogs offering a focus on CSR related activity from the European side of the Atlantic, where we stumble into two immediate hurdles. We need to clarify what we mean by CSR,...

Climate Change: Good for Business?

While some see the threat of climate change as pitting the needs of the planet against those of progress and business, some brave entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity that efforts to build a more sustainable future will create.

Even those who question the scientific consensus around global warming may quickly find themselves on the wrong side of history -- arguing in favor of pollution because, in addition to water vapor, combustion exhaust includes large amounts of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It also contains carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, ozone and...

Give a Man the Means to Fish: From Paternalistic Charity to Venture Philanthropy

By Dr Wayne Visser

Part 3 of 13 in Wayne Visser's Age of Responsibility Blog Series for 3BL Media.

Give a man a fish and he will eat today. Teach a man to fish and he will eat tomorrow – or until his nets break. Invest in a man’s fishing business and he will feed himself and others for a long time to come. This is what it...

Nonprofit Boards: Boot Camp for Corporate Executives

With global corporations actively pursuing growth opportunities in emerging markets, Harvard Business School Professor Bill George raises the compelling leadership development challenge facing these businesses in this HBR blog. He points out how companies require entirely new approaches to prepare leaders for "aligning employees around the company's mission and values, empowering people to...

Top 5 Sustainability Trends for 2012

More than a coincidental number of people have asked me in the past couple of weeks as to what I am seeing as trends in the sustainability arena, a top 5 trends of 2012, so to speak.   So, here is what I’m seeing this year.

1) Companies are overwhelmed.
2012 continues with a depressed economy with high unemployment, tight budgets, and a great deal of uncertainty.  The rules of business of business keep changing.  Then adding to this uncertainty and over whelm is a rise of new stakeholders who are on the move and actively seeking change.   James Epstein-...

CSR on YouTube – Why Web Video Needs to Be Part of Your Social Strategy

Nearly every business is on Facebook and Twitter, but YouTube is often overlooked as a social media site. That’s a missed opportunity, because video is a powerful tool for creating authentic communication and engaging online audiences.

Here are three reasons why:

1. The YouTube Reach

You may think of Youtube as a haven for cute cats and hilarious fails, but it’s also a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. In the United States, more than 100 million people watch web videos every day. And worldwide, people


Why Social Change is Good for Business

The most important thing I’ve learned over the last year is that social change has real business value. While corporations that are seen to be “responsible” benefit in many ways including improving reputation, attracting employees, and increasing market share, the real value goes to corporations that understand their social purpose and profit from making social change.

“We talk about the penetration of new markets that are profitable, we talk about saving money through energy efficiency and conserving resources, we talk about the markets for new products and services that...

Fat-Cats versus Alley-Cats: Why the Occupy Movement is Right

Part 2 of 13 in Wayne Visser's Age of Responsibility Blog Series for 3BL Media.

The most common explanation for the global financial crisis is to point a finger at the banks. And rightly so. But I believe we also need to shine a spotlight on the greed and irresponsibility of executives, fat-cats like Lehman Brothers...

The Changing Face of Engagement

Statistics tell an important story: the more engaged a company is, the more positive contribution and commitment it receives from stakeholders – and vice versa. This energetic give and take is of interest to a growing number of senior leaders, as it has a direct impact on the bottom line.

According to Gallup, the US economy loses an estimated $370 billion annually due to “actively disengaged” employees. On the other hand, 59% of engaged employees say their job brings out their most creative ideas. Also according to Gallup,...

Conflict minerals, closer than you think

Conflict minerals — tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold — are at the heart of warfare in the Democratic Republic of Congo and nearby countries. Violent groups are fighting to control profits, with tragic and deadly results.

“The problem may seem far away, but conflict minerals are closer than you think,” said Tellabs’ lead program manager of environmental affairs, Jesse Kevan, “They are essential to most electronic products, including smartphones, TVs and computers. They’re in every Tellabs product, too.”

In his blog...

The Meaning of Responsibility

By Wayne Visser

Part 1 of 13 in Wayne Visser's "Age of Responsibility" Blog Series for 3BL Media.

Do you sigh when you hear the word responsibility? Perhaps responsibility is even a dirty word in your vocabulary. Perhaps you associate it with burdens and restrictions; the opposite of being carefree and without obligations. But responsibility doesn’t have to be a chore, or a cage. It all...

You're Rich, Now What? 3 Steps To Using IPO Windfalls In Meaningful Ways

This week's Facebook IPO generated a deep trove of wealth for a new generation of young entrepreneurs. The question for them now is, what are you going to do with your billions? 

If you’re curious by nature, perhaps you’d like a new adventure. Since you have money to play with, maybe you’d like to play at something you’ve never played before. Maybe you’d like to get to know yourself a bit better. Or maybe you'd like to...

Guest Post: A National Vision of a Sustainable Future

Qatar has something every country needs.  I’m not referring to oil or natural gas, although Qatar has both in abundance.  I mean a national vision of and strategy for sustainable development.

In less than a generation, Qatar has experienced huge economic and social transformation.  The discovery and development of its hydrocarbon resources has fuelled – pardon the pun – Qatar’s economic growth from a small nation dependent on fishing and pearling to one of the highest per capita income countries in the world.

In the face of that rapid expansion, however, new challenges...

Guest Post - Heroes Welcome

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are calling all superheroes to help end one of the worst famines in over 60 years in the Horn of  Africa. Network for Good is proud to be the giving partner for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign, which launched last Monday, January 23rd and supports the relief work of Mercy Corps, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee.


Hewlett Packard's Global Corporate Vision

Imagine a company catalyzing a new approach to student learning and achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). And what if the company’s purpose were to prepare students around the world, from all corners and walks of life, to collaborate in solving social and environmental problems, beginning right now?

Imagine the power of the relationships these children will have when they are in their 20s and 30s as they continue to work with each other.

Sound ridiculous to you? Do you wonder: How is this possible, given that one billion children live in poverty,...

2012: Inspiration & Leadership from Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue

As 2012 begins, I derive a great deal of hope and inspiration for a better world from the people I met at Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Global Business Dialogue.  There, I had the honor of moderating a panel on “Sustainable Prosperity: Can Greed Save the Planet.”  And together with more than 1,000 business executives, government officials, social sector leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars, we spent two days engrossed in topics from emerging market growth to entrepreneurship and renewable energy.  

'This Is Alice Korngold, She's an Activist'

That's how Eugene Lang introduced me to the President of Swarthmore College when we met a few years ago. I was startled by the introduction. Standing there in Gene Lang's office in my black suit and black patent heels, that wasn't the introduction I anticipated. I've thought it over many times since then. And actually, Gene Lang nailed it.
By the age of sixteen, I could have been the poster child for a crisis nursery, domestic violence shelter, and rape crisis center. On the...


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