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Will ISO 26000 Change The World?

After six years of consultation and development, Geneva saw the launch of ISO 26000 yesterday.

ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility to be exact. Please note the word ‘Guidance‘, that is, this is not a certifiable standard.

In an industry already accelerating toward burgeoning crowds of standards, rankings and frameworks, all of undulating degrees of credibility and usefulness, it feels to me like this new kid on the block will receive a subdued welcome.

According to ISO the aim is to “provide harmonized, globally relevant guidance...

Want To Open a Nonprofit Store? 10 Guidelines You–and Nordstrom’s–Should Follow

Scandal in-the-making, customer-pleaser, tax write-off, nonprofit cash cow or game-changer?  Which hyphenated phrase will best describe Nordstrom’s new concept store, which will donate all net profits to charity?

I was interviewed recently by American Public Media’s Marketplace on the Nordstrom concept...

Five Ways for Nonprofits to Scare Away Donors

Hopefully, many of you do or will contribute generously to causes that you care about, and even step up to join nonprofit boards and help to fundraise. Fundraising is an exciting and very concrete way to build support for a mission that you are really passionate about.

For those of you who get involved in fundraising on a nonprofit board, be alert to how the organization treats its donors. It can make all the difference in whether or not your donors are...

Mobile Giving Meets Mobile Marketing, But Are Americans Ready?

Sure, Americans love their mobile phones and use them handily, but there’s still stunted confidence for mobile financial transactions, whether it’s a payment or a donation. Part of the reticence comes from the clumsiness of many mobile commerce and mobile giving sites and part of it’s a lack of incentives.

Benevity Social Ventures and Obopay recently launched a text-to-donate ...

Rally for Sanity: Jon Stewart’s Call for Action

I traveled 15 hours to get to the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” on Saturday in Washington, D.C. Where did I come from? New York City. Was that insane?

What drove me to sit in Holland Tunnel traffic for 2 hours on a Friday night and crawl down the New Jersey Turnpike was probably the same thing everyone else en route was motivated by: Passion!  A passion for having our voices heard, a passion for making the statement that our country is not controlled by extremists or haters, a passion for openly declaring our love for country, freedom, mutual tolerance and our way of life....

Cause Cannibalism: Is Fast Food Gobbling Up Cause Dollars?

Maybe Not.

Recently I was clicking through various cause websites to see who was doing what in the world of cause marketing and paused at one website in particular.  The Ronald McDonald House Charities (“RMHC”) has a request on their main page for votes-vote for the RMHC on the American Express Member’s Project and Take Part.  Why, I thought, is the...

Sharing Our Vision for Zero Impact

This Saturday, team members, Justin Yuen, FMYI President, and Graeme Byrd, FMYI Sales & Marketing Manager, will present at the 2010 Net Impact Conference.

Attendees of their workshop, “Got 2020 Vision? Two Companies March Towards Zero


Why the Hacktivists Are Winning

How do you hijack corporate culture, demoralize employees and derail multi-million dollar marketing campaigns? All too easily, it turns out.

Fueled by the internet and the public’s growing distain for corporate greed, hacktivism is a...

The Nonprofit Financial Model Never Worked; Here's a New Model That Does

Imagine if your company's investors expected you to end your year without generating a dime in surplus. Welcome to the nonprofit sector, where your investors are foundations, and they expect multi-million dollar enterprises to end their year with zero. This makes nonprofits dependent supplicants year after year--unhealthy enterprises with no cash reserves, and no capital to strengthen, diversify, or build their operations.

Ah, you say, nonprofits should not make a profit. Actually, they should not accumulate profits and return them to investors (shareholders) or to employees in the...

What 'Show Us Your Bra' Really Reveals

In the land of business start-ups, a common success story looks like this:  entrepreneur comes up with amazing new idea.  Entrepreneur cobbles a start-up business around said idea.  Idea spreads like wildfire.  Entrepreneur sells business to huge, well-established company.

What might this model look like from the non-profit perspective?

A small non-profit organization called The Breast Form Fund may be able to give us some insight.

The Situation
When you own a lingerie store, you see all types of women, including women living with breast cancer...

Corporate Leadership for the 21st Century: Sustainability Experience Required

You will soon find that no corporate board will hire a CEO or elect a new board member who doesn't have experience in environmental sustainability and social issues. Why would I say this? And where would a corporate person gain personal experience in environmental and social issues?

Sustainability and CSR are moving onto CEO and board agendas

There are clear signs that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only on the CEO's agenda, but it's also moving onto the board of director's agenda. Already, 65% of the Standard & Poor's 100 companies have...

A rise in fake green PR?

The kerfuffle over Chevron’s ad campaign and the accompanying spoof ad campaign (see my Inspired Economist post) reminded me that I hadn’t posted anything here about my first contribution to the Public Relations The Strategist. Titled Handling a Fake Twitter Account: @BPGlobalPR Leaves Lasting Impression on Crisis Communications, the article talks about the fake Twitter account...

What CSR and Nonprofit Leaders Are Reading - Part II

Want to know which business leader is reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and who's reading The Iliad? See Part I. Let's see what some other leaders in business, CSR, and nonprofits have been reading this summer.

Dominique Conseil, President, Aveda...

Sustainable Excellence: The Must-Read Book

A new book, Sustainable Excellence, shows that for companies to deliver lasting value for investors, they must create strategies that include solutions to the biggest social and environmental challenges of the twenty-first century. You might wonder though. Aren't social and environmental concerns for NGOs or governments to worry about? Aren't companies supposed to build shareholder value?

According to authors...

The Party of Hate: Tea and No Sympathy

As a blogger at Good Business (Good-B), I usually write about money, not politics. This year, however, the two are indistinguishable. Make no mistake, American politics in 2010 are all about money—who has it, who doesn’t and who wants it at any cost.

The economy continues to teeter on disaster two years after the Fall of the Great Lehman Empire. The crash was heard around the world and reverberates in our lives to this day. Massive unemployment, foreclosure nightmares and millions of businesses closing their...

Let’s Get Rid of the Heresy in Cause Marketing

It seems only fitting that in October we expose a few witches, a few frauds, to redeem cause marketing–especially during this month of “pink” when scams abound.

But unlike my foreparents in Salem let’s be sure we’re condemning the right heretics.

That’s why I think Tim Ogden’s rating system for cause...

More From Mad Men on CSR

Two years ago, Burt Cooper advised Don Draper that "philanthropy is the gateway to power." Last night, Mad Men struck again! Ad man Ken Cosgrove made the case for pro bono service.

In the episode called "Blowing Smoke," the firm of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Price had just lost it's largest client--Lucky Strike. The firm was completely jeopardized by this loss of business. Clients were bailing, the firm was laying off staff...

Joseph Stiglitz: America Has Created Two Economies

A Call to Action

We did not fix the banking system, Columbia University economics professor Joseph Stiglitz told the well-heeled audience at the World Business Forum this week.

The Feds pulled the big banks back from the brink of oblivion, but left everyone else up a creek without a paddle. You know who the fortunate few are – Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Capital One, and American Express among others.

To remind you of the facts, these banks were rescued through three...

Entertaining Economics

The Economy of Trust

At the World Business Forum:  October 6, 2010

Steven Levitt, co-author with Stephen Dubner of “Freakonomics” makes complex economics both accessible and entertaining. Perhaps this is why his book sold four million copies. Ordinary folks can finally understand the economy we live in. Part Jon Stewart, part Bill Gates, the self-deprecating and affable Levitt rocked the World Business Forum audience with economic straight talk. The world-renowned economist warns that mainstream economists will become “irrelevant” if...

Can NGO’s be the only organisational thought leaders in the CSR / Sustainability field?

The social media / tech world was taken by surprise last week when Techcrunch (one of the largest tech / social media blogs globally) announced that it has been acquired by AOL. Immediately the future editorial independence of Techcrunch was questioned now being a part of the AOL empire. Rightly so in my view.

Here is a thought. So what if this kind of acquisition would be happening in the CSR /...

Good To Great: Jim Collins

At the World Business Forum:  October 5, 2010

I did not know what to expect from Jim Collins, author of “From Good to Great.” Was this another business strategy that could only be read in a book or would this translate to real life and the everyday reality of business? His words were transformational. Business, says Collins is “simply a subset of human life…great human stories and great human enterprise. Great adventure, great leaders.” It is a “human quest in one way or another.”

Collins spoke about his mentor Peter Drucker, management professor...

World Business Forum Launches in Midtown

Get ready, set, go! The home of the famous Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall, will be turned into a buzzing business conference full of movers and shakers in the world of commerce. The famous high-kickers will lend their stage to some of the business world’s highest producers. The 2010 World Business Forum opens Tuesday, October 5 at 9:00am and Good-B Blogger Monika Mitchell will be there in the Blogger’s Hub to report. The Forum is reportedly the largest business event in the United States where...

CGI: Omidyar Network, A Philanthropy That Invests in For-Profits Too

Old school charity and “philanthropy” once referred exclusively to financial contributions to nonprofits. Today, Omidyar Network (ON) takes a more innovative and inclusive approach, called “flexible capital.” As a philanthropic investor, ON invests in for-profits, as well as nonprofits.

Here’s the deal. Whether they are for-profits or nonprofits, ON’s beneficiaries are chosen because they seek to achieve the ultimate outcome that ON strives for: “individual participation...

It’s a WO-Man’s World

You’ve come a long way baby. That was the message of Gail Collins, New York Times columnist and author of “When Everything Changed” at last weekend’s Omega Institute “Women & Power: Our Time To Lead” conference. Ms. Collins explained to the hundreds of women in attendance that back in 1960 women could not wear “slacks” in public. She reminds us that it was a man’s world in the most primitive sense a mere 50 years ago.

Yet the unmistakable message of the power packed...

Refugees United, The Social Network That's More Important Than Facebook, Goes Mobile

Plenty of people use the power of the internet to trace and reconnect with old friends. Two brothers from Denmark, however, are working to harness that power for a greater social good. Christopher and David Mikkelsen founded Refugees United, an NGO that uses secure web and mobile technology to enable refugees to find loved ones throughout the world.

At the Clinton Global Initiative, Refugees United joined with...


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