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China Leads The World In Renewable Energy Investment

According to a recently released United Nations report, global investment in renewable energy reached a record $257 billion in 2011, a 17 percent increase from the amount invested in 2010. Globally, renewable energy covers approximately 16.7 percent of energy consumption. Of this share, modern technologies such as solar and wind accounted for just 8.2 percent, even less than the...

An iPhone app that gives you a free wind report

For those interested in doing wind projects we have recently come across a great new 'app' for your iPhone (for those with Android Smart Phones, not sure you're supported yet I'm afraid!).  It's also free which is pretty amazing given the information it provides.

One of the critical bits of information that anyone needs before they get too serious about a wind project is an accurate indication of their average wind speed at the hub height of their turbine.  It is incredible how many people currently rely on the free NOABL data for this.  Most...

Changing the rules – It’s not just regulatory capture, it’s a whole new game

Despite its conflict of interest, lack of public trust, and pending abolishment, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has released plans to accept new nuclear safety rules that OK operations even at nuclear power plants even if active earthquake faults are discovered beneath their structures, reversing its current mandate that reactors must not be built above faults.

NISA has announced new plans to classify faults under nuclear reactors into three types: active faults that could trigger quakes, auxiliary faults that...

An alternative to having “skin in the game”

The third-party reimbursement model drives up medical costs because patients miss out on the price signals that in a normal market would cause them to seek less costly alternatives and avoid wasteful spending. Various types of cost-sharing approaches –co-payments, deductibles, tiered networks, consumer directed health plans– have been tried, but they have limited effectiveness. A major shortcoming is the assumption that patients actually want more health care services, just like they would presumably go wild in the Apple store or Nordstrom if you set them loose there with...

"Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the Century"

The insight of the year goes to Leonard Kish, a health IT strategy consultant, for making that statement regarding patient engagement. The corollary to this statement is a game changer: What happens when effective patient engagement becomes the Standard of Care?...

Advancing Pharma's Social Media Listening Analytics

Big Pharma’s tin ear for social, user-generated content online is softening despite regulatory anxiety. In the quest to better understand what patients and doctors need, pharma – thanks in part to a bevy of third-party service providers – is beginning to recognize and incorporate insights from social media into their development and commercialization programs, according to a report from IDC Health Insights.

The pharmaceutical industry still lags other industries in spending on outbound social media...

Fracking and Finance: The Pros and Cons of New Fossil Fuel Energy

With lawsuits, moratoriums and bans on hydrofracking popping up across the United States, the promise of natural gas for a cleaner and more independent energy future is stuck between a rock and hard place

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as hydrofracking or fracking, has emerged as one of the main battlegrounds between the energy industry, which sees vast potential in a domestic source of fuel that is cheaper and potentially cleaner than oil and coal, and environmentalists, who are...

A Postscript To The Conventions: Nonprofits Are Part Of The Solution


President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney each addressed the nation’s major challenges in their recent convention speeches. With different perspectives and emphases, the candidates spoke to some or all of these issues: job creation and economic recovery, deficit reduction, education, healthcare, alternative energy development, and the elimination of poverty. In addition to the solutions offered by the candidates, the “third sector”--nonprofit organizations--can be a vital partner to the government and business sectors in achieving success....

CEOs Get Socially Responsible on Travel Restrictions for People Living with HIV

People living with HIV are met with prejudice when they travel as 46 countries still impose travel restrictions on them. In order to put an end to this unfair situation, CEOs from some of the world's largest companies have come together in a socially responsible initiative to ask those countries to lift such outdated and unfair restrictions.

The CEOs have signed a pledge to opposed HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence, saying that besides being discriminatory, such laws and policies are bad...

Healthcare Leaders Convene at White House to Focus on Sustainability

Last week, top Obama administration officials joined representatives from leading health systems at a White House event to discuss advances in sustainability across the health care sector.

The event's attendees represented organizations and companies that are blazing a path to sustainability in the healthcare sector - a sector that has been criticized for its lack of effort on the sustainability front in the past.

For example, a 2010 ...

Healthy Neighbors, Healthy You: Kaiser Permanente Invests $14.2 Million to Support Community Health


Second quarter grants will help over 500 community organizations across America, highlighting the power of social capital

In his 1974 book, A History of Public Health in New York City, 1866-1966, historian John Duffy posited that the infant milk stations established in New York City in 1901 marked the beginning of the community health center (CHC) in the United States.[1] With the National Association of Community Health...

Goldman Sachs' $40 Billion Clean Energy Investment: Sustainable Finance Awesomeness or Public Relations Ploy?


A ten-year financial commitment to green energy is a good thing. So why all the cynicism?

At its annual shareholder meeting Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey, Wall Street behemoth Goldman Sachs announced that it plans to invest $40 billion into global renewable energy projects over the next decade.

"This is another emerging opportunity we think will be quite large," said Stuart Bernstein, head of Goldman's clean technology and renewables investment banking group.[1]


Africa and Denmark Join Forces to Promote Investment in Sustainable Energy


African greentech projects get a sustainable finance boost from the Scandinavian kingdom

Denmark has a long history with Africa. From the 17th to 19th centuries, the relationship was primarily that of colonizer and colonized, as the small European nation established several trading posts and forts along west Africa's Gold Coast.

But today, the Scandinavian kingdom is developing a very different kind of relationship with Africa. Last year, the Danish government committed DKK 300...

BLOG: GE Completes Sustainable Wind Energy Farm in Turkey

General Electric and Gama Holding have completed its second wind farm project in Turkey. General Electric is the biggest maker of wind turbines in the U.S. The company recently surpassed 2 GW of installed capacity worldwide.

The 10 MW project Karadag farm in Izmir in the Aegeon region went online this month with four 2.5 MW turbines. Like many other countries, Turkey is trying to increase the share of sustainable renewable power in its energy mix and has set a goal of 30 percent for 2023. The developing...

Vancouver's Fenix Energy Helps to Makes Geo-Exchange a More Affordable Reality

We all produce heat. In winter we need more, summer, we want the opposite. Every day in all seasons, facilities managers work to ensure those who inhabit their office, condos and shopping centres are comfortable. Making us comfortable takes a whole lot of energy-and with that the price of a large carbon footprint.

"Fenix Energy has pioneered a new approach to installing renewable energy in urban centres that shaves months off new construction timelines." says a Vancouver-based cleantech firm. [1] This is big...

The Time is Right Now

Conclusion of the series "The New PR"

Many including this author, believe that forward-thinking companies will integrate sustainability goals into their business models and will use their visions of sustainability to help define revenue-generating strategies. Certainly the recent implosion of financial markets around the world offers a clear and disturbing picture of what happens when people lose faith in the long-term viability of businesses and business models.


The Role of the Nonprofit Board: Four Essential Factors for Effective Governance


Sophisticated and experienced NGO/nonprofit board members and CEOs routinely ask me to explain the role of the board. It's not surprising and I'm glad they do. So let me share my four essentials for effective governance.

1. Achievement: The role of the board is to achieve the organization's greater potential as well as its mission.

The role of the board must be crafted specifically for each and every organization. The role is determined based on what you seek...

Sustainability Reporting 101 - Part 5: Five Ways to Build Your Sustainability Report Team

In order to build a good corporate sustainability report (CSR), it is important to have a solid team in place. The steps to recruit and motivate that team, however, are not unique to sustainability. Solid project management, expert networking and persuasive leadership are among the key business skills needed to guide your team in delivering a world-class report.

Once you have identified the key experts needed for your ...

The Complicating Factors

Part 12 in the series "The New PR"

Lack of Consensus on Standards

Globally there is no consensus on what social responsibility is, or how it can be defined across cultures and nationalities. For example, there are those that believe that the obligation exists to give back once a certain level of financial success has been attained. Others believe that true social responsibility is a pathway to success. In the US, a...

Sustainability Reporting 101 - Part 4: Five Company Experts You Need for a Good Sustainability Report

Producing a corporate sustainability report (CSR) is a team sport. The stronger the team is, the stronger the report will be. Each player needs to bring specific expertise that is complementary to the team as a whole. So, it is important to recruit and rally the key experts that can deliver what you need to make the company’s report a success. Choose carefully and look for people who already demonstrate some passion about sustainability.

In most organizations, there are one or two departments that lead the sustainability report. Thosefunctions will likely be a reflection...

The Forces Encouraging Sustainability as a Business Model

Part 11 in the series "The New PR"


One hundred years after the first powered flight, the oceans are no longer impenetrable barriers that keep people, ideas and information apart. 

Today people travel more than ever before, and corporations often outsource products and send workers to new locales. This leads to exposure of both companies and individuals to differing practices and societal norms. This...

Sustainability Reporting 101 - Part 3: Five Key Elements of a Good Sustainability Report

Not all corporate sustainability reports (CSRs) are created equal. Some reports areglossy marketing brochures that lack substantive data. Others are so data focused that reading them requires a strong cup of coffee to resist boredom-induced sleep. The best reports provide a balance of accessible, engaging text and comprehensive, material data presented in a well-designed format. It is both art and science.

But what are the elements that go into making a good report? Which reports should you look to for inspiration? A good place to start is the list of...

Clinton Global Initiative's New Theme, "Designing For Impact," Emphasizes Action


For the first time in its 8-year history, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) has assigned a theme to its Annual Meeting--"Design for Impact"--to remind participants that the goal of the organization is action, not simply ideas.

"When the history of CGI is written, it won’t be about the meetings, it will be about the impact of the commitments,” says ...

Maximum City: Engaging Youth in Urban Sustainability

Last month, I had the opportunity – and the privilege – to participate in the Maximum City program in Toronto.  This program is the brainchild of Josh Fullan, a high school humanities and languages teacher at the University of Toronto Schools, my alma mater.  Last year, Josh ran a pilot...

Business Benefits of Sustainability

Part 10 in the series "The New PR"

For anyone to accept the premise that social responsibility is a business strategy, we must be able to define and quantify the business benefits that can be derived from adopting this model. This is so that success can be measured, just as with any business strategy. ...


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