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Dr. Scott M. Shemwell is an acknowledged authority and thought leader in field operations and risk management with over 30 years in the energy sector leading turnaround and transformation processes for global S&P 500 organizations as well as start-up and professional service firms.  He had been directly involved in over $5 billion acquisition and divestitures as well as the management of significant projects and business units.

The Governing Energy blog, presented by,  offers a series of biweekly commentaries about contemporary issues in organizational governance and its new role in energy operations from Dr. Scott M. Shemwell, CEO of Knowledge Ops.

Checking Doctors


Volume 2 Number 3

Pilots use them and now doctors do as well.  Mission critical is by definition an activity that must not fail.  Partial success in such an environment may not be good enough and often has management visibility and even legal consequences.

After placing at the top of his or her pre-med Bachelor level degree and four years of medical school, a period of on-the-job training ensues.  After another four or more years as an Intern then Resident, a physician certainly can be deemed to an expert is his or her field.


What a Difference a Year Makes

Volume 1 Number 20


On November 15, the deepwater drilling sector quietly passed an important first anniversary, the implementation of the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) regulation.[i]  One year ago, SEMS evolved (some argue perhaps hastily) from a long history of risk management processes the industry had developed over decades and became law.[ii]

Perhaps more important than the passing of new regulations on the industry is the...

From Desktop to Hardhat

By Dr. Scott M. Shemwell

Volume 1 Number 19

Many of us have attended workshops, been part of internal taskforces and other office based activities to identify, quantify and implement changes in the way we do business.  We often leave motivated and ready to execute the next great leap only to find that weeks and months later little if anything has resulted from our efforts.


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