Enter the Sustainable Century – Part 2. A Blog by Chad Tragakis

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Enter the Sustainable Century – Part 2. A Blog by Chad Tragakis

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Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 9:42am


Strategic communication for business will be critical as President Obama ushers in a new green vision for America and the world.

“The danger posed by climate change cannot be denied. Our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. If we continue down our current course, every member of this Assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. Future generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act; why we failed to pass on an environment that was worthy of our inheritance.  And that is why the days when America dragged its feet on this issue are over.”
- From President Barack Obama’s Address to the United Nations General Assembly, September 23, 2009
Building on my previous post, President Obama is moving quickly to reframe the environmental debate and reset expectations on the part of many stakeholders.  All this change will have both an immediate and a long-term impact for business.

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