Fair Trade Chocolate, Tea, Spice and Coffee Sales Jump 75 Percent, Study Says

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Fair Trade Chocolate, Tea, Spice and Coffee Sales Jump 75 Percent, Study Says

Article from Treehugger.com about the exciting updates in Fair Trade
Friday, April 27, 2012 - 12:00pm

A bite of Alter-Eco’s Dark Chocolate and Quinoa with a cup of rooibos superfruit tea from Choice’s organic Jane Goodall tea collection. Let's follow that with Kopali's organic banana bites dipped in chocolate chased by Numi’s cardamom tea and then a spoonful of Coconut Bliss ice cream with Zhena’s Gypsy Coconut Chai.

These were a few of the delicious samplings I tried at the recent Natural Products Expo West 2012 -- where coffee, chocolates, teas and all Fair Trade goods were booming -- at a launch gathering of 20 partners of Fair Trade USA.

According to data from SPINS, specializing in natural product research, the Fair Trade Certified label is making a difference with mainstream consumers, with products boasting an impressive 75% increase in the mass market during 2011.

The huge success of Ben & Jerry’s and Honest Tea may account for some of this, but figures in other studies, such as Harvard and Globescan, also claims the Fair Trade label leaves a good taste with consumers who will switch if products are connected to a good cause.

And the good news, there are thousands of Fair Trade products to choose from and it's making a difference for millions of farmers globally.

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