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GM’s Bat House Project Draws Cartoonist’s Attention

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GM’s Bat House Project Draws Cartoonist’s Attention

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 3:00pm

You might remember GM’s work to convert scrap Chevrolet Volt battery covers into wildlife habitats—from wood duck nesting boxes to bat houses.

Instead of sending that material to a landfill, we reuse it to benefit wildlife. So far, GM has created and installed more than 150 of them at designated wildlife habitat areas surrounding its facilities, as well as various locations across the United States.  And that number is ever-increasing.

The project is a fun and rewarding one, with GM environmental engineers oftentimes working alongside students and community groups to convert them. The team enjoys spreading the word about recycling and helping instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for nature.

Birgit Keil, a green and cause-minded cartoonist and blogger, recently came to us to learn more about the bat house project. After talking with GM Manager of Waste Reduction Efforts, John Bradburn, she drew the cartoon above. Visit her blog at for more information about GM’s effort and why swapping out insect killer for a bat house might be a smart, nature-friendly choice.