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July 2012
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Rendering of Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 concept

The 2013 Buick LaCrosse's standard IntelliLink connectivity lets drivers manage smartphone apps like Pandora through the vehicle, allowing them to give a "thumbs up" to a favorite song.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 1:00pm

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GM Promotes the Value of the Environment as part of its Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is a core part of GM. Some of its achievements – like operating 100 landfill-free plants and earning the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award – help it reduce its environmental impact while benefiting its bottomline.  Since there is such a strong business case to be made for these initiatives, GM recently participated in a global effort to spread awareness of the value that resource preservation, waste reduction and sustainable practices invoke.

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GM Baltimore Operations is Two-Time Green Winner

General Motors’ Baltimore Operations facility – home of the two-mode hybrid drivetrain, and soon-to-be home of electric motors – earned the 2012 Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award. This award signifies its strong commitment to sustainable practices, measurable results and continual improvement.  GM Baltimore Operations is the only award winner to win more than once.

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Solar and Wind Power Light the Path at Chevrolet Corvette Plant

When it comes to General Motors’ sustainability work, it’s not all about protecting the environment.

It’s about ensuring people can appreciate and enjoy it, as well. At our Bowling Green Assembly plant—home of the Chevrolet Corvette—sits the largest wildlife habitat in the GM portfolio.

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OnStar Officially Joins Community of Tomorrow
Consumers are becoming increasingly frugal when it comes to saving both money and energy. Chevrolet Volt customers, in particular, are pursuing options that lower their charging rates. General Motors found that gaining access to real-world driving and charging patterns could help them achieve that goal.
OnStar and GM are partnering in Pecan Street Inc.’s sustainable residential community demonstration – the largest community of concentrated Volt owners – where residents agreed to be part of a test bed for sustainable living.
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GM Promotes Car-Sharing with Relay Rides
General Motors’ OnStar subscribers can now rent out their idle vehicles through the RelayRides marketplace, leveraging OnStar connectivity already active in their vehicles to potentially earn hundreds of dollars a month to offset the cost of owning a vehicle. RelayRides’ renters can unlock reserved OnStar-enabled cars simply by using their smart phones.
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The World through the Windshield of a Mini-Car
Mini-cars are widely popular internationally. Now, U.S. demand and sales are growing as well. After a successful run around the globe with more than 600,000 sales, the Chevrolet Spark is now available here.
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‘Diamond Rings’ Shine on Chevrolet Sonic, Cruze
The diamond-hard technology that enables razor blades to shave closer and last longer also allows the piston rings of the Ecotec 1.4L turbo engine, available on the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic and Cruze, to operate with less friction for better fuel efficiency and durability.
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City of Rock Hill, S.C. Touts GM Products’ Sustainability
General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operations is using the voice of its fleet and commercial customers – such as the City of Rock Hill, S.C. – to tout product benefits in its newly launched advertising campaign. Rock Hill brings to life how its Chevrolet vehicles impact its fleet operations, propel its sustainable efforts and improve its bottom line. The fleet’s use of alternative fuels has helped to avoid the use of more than 47,000 gallons of gasoline and saved the city $670,000 in 2011 alone.
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GM Reaffirms Commitment to Innovative, Efficient Vehicles with EN-V 2.0 Concept
Chevrolet rolled out its EN-V 2.0 mobility concept vehicle in April at Auto China 2012. EN-V means Electric Networked-Vehicle and was designed to live at the intersection of electrification and connectivity. The pod-like vehicles were designed to help traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability for tomorrow’s cities.

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GM Canada Invests C$850 Million in R&D

GM of Canada today outlined its commitment to significantly invest in research and development activities in Canada.  Between 2009 and 2016, GM is making investments totaling $850 million in R&D in Canada, providing long-term sustainable benefits to GM and the Canadian automotive sector through 2016 and beyond. 
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IntelliLink In-Car Connectivity Standard on all 2013 Buicks
Buick will make its IntelliLink in-car connectivity standard on every 2013 model year vehicle, including the redesigned Enclave luxury crossover SUV and the all-new Encore luxury crossover. And the brand will help owners get acquainted with the advanced technology with real-time over-the-air help. Designed to be used with two hands on the wheel as often as possible, IntelliLink’s layout was created with an emphasis on minimizing distractions.
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GM Developing Wireless Pedestrian Detection Technology
GM researchers are developing a promising driver assistance feature potentially capable of detecting pedestrians and bicyclists on congested streets or in poor visibility conditions before the driver notices them. The feature relies on Wi-Fi Direct, the peer-to-peer wireless standard that allows devices like some smartphones to communicate directly with each other rather than through a shared access point like a cell phone tower.
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GM Powertrain Tonawanda Takes to the Airwaves
General Motors Powertrain Tonawanda Engine will take to the airwaves later this month to give a behind-the-scenes look at the engine plant that profiles the historic, economic and community service impact the plant has on Western New York.
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CAMPAIGN: GM Sustainability Newsletter

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