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A Liter for Light

Solar Bottle Bulbs Illuminate Homes
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Solar Bottle Bulbs Illuminate Homes. Read more about this amazing innovation--http://www.brandingforgood.org/2012/08/solar-bottle-bulb/

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Friday, August 31, 2012 - 12:30pm

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Light is often taken for granted by many people. Meanwhile, for others, light is an unaffordable luxury. Families in shanty homes (otherwise known as squatter homes or slums) live in darkness because their homes are packed together, with no windows letting in sunlight.

Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have worked together to find an environmentally friendly solution to the light problem. They designed and developed the Solar Bottle Bulb which is now being used extensively within the Philippines and various other countries. The technology has spread through the use of Facebook, YouTube and other media tools. So far, 25,000 low-income homes have been lit up by the solar bulb.

The bulb is made from a 1 liter bottle combined with a water and bleach solution. It’s extremely easy to make and lasts about 5 years before the water needs to be changed. Also, it emits 60 watts of light on a clear day and refracts 360 degrees, hence illuminating the small shanty home. The solar bulbs are being installed in many Filipino communities through the help of The Shelter Foundation. They launched a project in 2011 called Liter for Light. The foundation is helping local grassroots entrepreneurs and their communities by teaching local people how to build the bulbs with help from major sponsors such as Pepsi and the local Filipino government. Through this program many unemployed people living in the low-income homes have found jobs, while also helping their neighbours. Read more here.


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