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Dave Chase is the CEO of Patient Relationship Management company, Avado, is the 1st cloud-based EHR-agnostic patient portal built for healthcare providers in accountable models such as medical/health homes, accountable organizations, etc. Avado was selected by 22 pioneering healthcare providers in NY state for a statewide program pioneering accountable models. Chase has been invited to the White House, presented before the head of Medicare and the Pioneer ACOs. Chase is co-editor and writer of a book commissioned by HIMSS on Patient Engagement. Avado has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Washington Post and numerous healthcare industry publications. Avado was also a finalist in the world's most competitive startup competition -- TechCrunch Disrupt. Chase has been named one of the 10 most influential people in healthIT (and the only vendor in the top 50). He's also part of the StartUp Health academy selected as one of the "healthcare transformers".

A Senior Consultant in Accenture's Healthcare Practice prior to founding Microsoft's $2B Health platform business transforming it from Microsoft's worst vertical market to its strongest (in terms of 3rd party developer support & revenue). He left Microsoft in 2003 to follow his passion to work in startups as an executive to multiple high growth companies.


Onion Headline? "Government Should Slow Down Race to Implement Electronic Health Records"


Healthcare has been a technology paradox for a long time. There have been few places further out on the cutting edge of technology than biotech and medical devices. In contrast, healthIT has been in a time warp (see Why It’s Good News HealthIT is So Bad). While next year is the 20th anniversary of the Web, the dominant...

Two-time Cancer Survivor's 10 Tips for the Healthcare System


Much has changed over the last 20 years for people with cancer. Pat Elliott describes how far things have come for patients while also shedding light on how more improvements are still necessary. With Pat’s permission, I am excerpting an email she shared with Brad Tritle who is one of my co-editors on the upcoming HIMSS book “Engage! Transforming Health Care Through Digital Patient Engagement”. The following is a brief profile of Pat:

  • Professional
  • ...

Khan Academy Approach Poised to Solve a "Wicked Problem" in Healthcare


The current Forbes cover features Salman Khan who may be having more impact on education than any other teacher before him. His impact isn’t limited to education.


What the U.S. Could Buy With Wasted Healthcare Dollars

PBS created an interesting infographic on what could be done with the $750 billion waste that the Institute of Medicine report highlighted. Read the rest of the story on PBS.

Of course, one person’s “waste” is another’s revenue. This is why those profiting from waste will put up every roadblock imaginable to eliminating that waste. It’s the classic approach used by incumbent businesses – FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt). There are items below that I’m sure resonate...

Is There A Business Case For Engaging Patients?

The AMA recently published an article questioning the merits of patient portals — the primary tool for engaging patients. Rob Tennant, senior policy adviser with the MGMA-ACMPE, the entity formed by the merger of the Medical Group Management Association and the American College of Medical Practice Executives raised the fundamental issue: “The business case just hasn’t been made.” I’ll attempt to make it.

Perhaps the best evidence of the business case is when industry visionaries/organizations/leaders such as HIMSS (the professional...

Doctors are a Broken Record We Don't Comprehend >80% of the Time

As both the private and public sector aggressively shift healthcare incentives from a “do more, bill more” to a value and outcome based model, healthcare providers ignore patients role in driving outcomes at their own peril.  It is generally understood that patients forget 80-90% of what they are told at the doctor’s office. As incentives no longer reward outcome over activity, this is a disaster...

NY is the Epicenter of Healthcare’s Reinvention

If you want to see the future of the U.S. healthcare system, I can’t think of a better place than New York. While those of us in the Bay Area andSeattle would like it to be our locales, at this stage of the game, it’s not even close.  When you look at the full spectrum from healthcare delivery that is government-funded to an array of technology-related programs in the private sector, New...

"Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the Century"

The insight of the year goes to Leonard Kish, a health IT strategy consultant, for making that statement regarding patient engagement. The corollary to this statement is a game changer: What happens when effective patient engagement becomes the Standard of Care?...

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